Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welfare (Part IV)

A good solution for welfare would be if it were run similar to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) social program: the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was an example of “one of the few” social programs introduced by FDR that had a “minute” level of success (I know I will catch the wrath of conservatives for this statement – and probably rightfully so. Just for the record – I will say it - FDR’s New Deal was an overall failure – the CCC was a small part of the New Deal. I am merely using this example to compare American work ethic and propose Workfare over Welfare – not to promote government sponsored jobs. I realize the CCC would have been more successful if it was run by the private sector and not by the government.) The CCC provided government money to employ thousands of workers affected by the Great Depression. The CCC built a lot of the U.S. transportation and energy infrastructure that is still used today. They constructed damns, roads, bridges, and other structures. In return, they received a government subsidy. The people that worked on the CCC had amazing character. Many of these individuals had high paying white-collar jobs, but would do anything to support their families. They not only took the hard labor jobs offered by the CCC; they excelled at it. They took pride in their job, and today, the symbol CCC marks many of their achievements and accomplishments. They built thousands of miles of roads and hundreds of bridges. Today, the American people have less character and pride, and most think this type of work is beneath them. Even if they needed a job, they would not do this type of work. Individuals today are more inclined to collect welfare or unemployment, and expect the government to bail them out. Americans are too spoiled, lazy, and selfish to do what is best for themselves, families, or their country. It is unfortunate, but the only way these types of social programs, such as the CCC, will function today if it is mandatory enrollment for prisoners and high school dropouts. It is highly unlikely there will be any volunteers such as back in the thirties when Americans had more honor. Conversely, welfare would be a good program if it were paid to individuals for cleaning up their neighborhoods and inner cities. Once the infrastructure is restored to decaying inner cities, it would invite small businesses to move in and consequently generate jobs. Other types of innovative jobs that people on welfare can perform are projects to help promote “green” technology (instead of taxing Americans more to pay for energy independence projects supported by most liberal ideologies). They can help to build renewable energy source power plants such as wind farms. This policy has been proposed in the past and is called “Workfare”. It was last proposed by the Clinton Administration. Workfare is a much better policy than welfare. Unfortunately, those liberal pundits that are against Workfare are very powerful and call the policy fascism or slave labor. This is obviously not true, but what politician wants every civil rights leader in the country calling them a racist. It would be political suicide to try to enact Workfare instead of Welfare. Hence, welfare reform may never happen.

In summary, I am not in favor of welfare, period. However, in my opinion, welfare is here to stay if it is not reformed. One reform is to have welfare recipients’ work for their benefits. This is one way to reduce the dependence of individuals on welfare since this generation of Americans is lazy and will not work hard labor jobs as the “Great Generation” did. After all, Obama’s stimulus saw the unemployment rate go up over 1% - “Shovel ready jobs was not really shovel ready”.

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