Friday, July 29, 2011

The Vicious Cycle of Progressive Politics

How have liberals used the federal government to gain control of our daily lives? They create a vicious cycle of one bad policy after another that enables them to unlawfully use their power to control and intrude into our daily lives. Here are a few examples:

This is a recent example. The Journal of the American Medical Association wrote an article stating that obese children should be moved into child protective services (in other words, they classify ANY obese child as abuse, even if there are medical reasons why they are obese). This is a great example of how the vicious cycle of the progressive nanny state works: First, state, local, and federal governments write poor legislation that reduces physical education, recess time, games kids can play at recess, and have even written the school food menus. And let’s not forget that liberals are the ones who allowed frivolous lawsuits that have ended physical education, recess, and children games. But now it is the parents’ fault their kids are overweight when the government has taken parental guidance out of their control. Yes, parents should be responsible for their kids’ appearance, but the government has intruded into all aspects of their lives including banning them from bringing their own lunches to school in some districts. This is why “progressive” is a great way to describe liberal politics since they progressively pass one piece of bad legislation after another until finally they can achieve the ultimate goal: To control our families and children. It is no mistake that the obesity epidemic has gotten worse at the same time the government has passed more intrusive laws. For instance, ObamaCare does nothing to curb obesity and does nothing to reward healthy individuals. ObamaCare punishes the responsible and rewards the irresponsible. Let’s face facts; the ultimate goal of any liberal law is to make individuals as dependent as possible on the federal government. And if you do not conform to the liberal power grab, the government will continually (progressively) pass laws until you are ultimately forced to conform and the government has complete control over your life.

The classic example of the vicious cycle of liberal politics is the progression of welfare. What is the result of initial welfare policies? More welfare! Just look at the progression of the vicious cycle of Obama welfare policies. Even though we are going bankrupt as a nation Obama and liberals passed ObamaCare. Obama and liberals have also redefined the definition of poverty and now the number of people requiring government assistance has ballooned from 42% to 55%. They want to provide amnesty to illegal aliens, who are over 20% more likely to require government welfare assistance than native-born Americans. To see the true effects of welfare, we need to look no further than the inner city slums of Newark, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan to see how liberal policies have progressively made the poor and minorities more dependent on the federal government. This is not only the result of welfare but quota systems such as diversity and affirmative action. These policies have failed miserably to provide equality, but instead enforce the fallacy that women and minorities are inferior to white males. The result of these policies, and welfare, has resulted in not only the decline of inner cities, but the decline of the family unit and corporate innovation to name a few.

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