Thursday, July 21, 2011

Obama's Weekly Lowlights (7/21/11)

Allan Grayson – He’s back. Grayson is running again for the Florida House seat he lost in 2010. This is good news for Republicans because Grayson is the most repulsive politician in U.S. history (and that is saying a lot).

Move On – Michelle Obama displayed her hypocrisy over the fitness program she is pushing on American kids when she ordered a 1700 calorie dinner at a new DC diner.

Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) – IPAB is the Obama administration’s idea to implement rationing of healthcare. When ObamaCare goes into law in 2014, IPAB will decide what medical procedures are necessary and what medical procedures are not.

Christian Lopez – Lopez is an amazing story, he caught the home run that New York Yankee Derek Jeter hit for his 3000 career hit. Lopez did not hold the ball ransom and gave it back to Jeter. The Yankees rewarded Lopez with season tickets and memorabilia. Now the IRS wants to tax Lopez for the gifts he received. This is just another story of how good behavior is penalized and where bad behavior is continually rewarded.

Campaign Contributions – The Democrats continue to receive more campaign finance contributions than the GOP. Obama raised 47 million in the second quarter while all GOP candidate combined raised 39 million (over 18 million was garnered by Romney). The DNC also outdistanced RNC contributions 2 to 1.

Ground Zero Mosque – Imam Faisal Rauf has gotten the okay from the New York legal system to build his New York City mosque at a location a bit further away from ground zero, but he is still seeking federal assistance to fund the building.

Wisconsin – Six Republicans and 3 Democrats face recall elections. The Democrats will need to pick up 3 seats to take over control of the upper house.

Journal of the American Medical Association – They wrote an article stating that obese children should be moved into child protective services (in other words, it is abuse). It is amazing how the vicious cycle of the progressive nanny state works: First, governments have stepped in and reduced physical education, recess time, games kids can play at recess, and have even written the school food menus. But now it is the parents’ fault that their kids are overweight.

Fox News - Congressmen including Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) are calling for an investigation into Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., which owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. Another News Corp. newspaper, Britain’s News of the World, closed over the weekend after its reporters were accused of hacking into phones of politicians, crime victims and others.

Polls - President Obama’s popularity in Arab countries has declined—and is now lower than President George W. Bush’s.

Moody’s and S&P – The rating companies have publicly stated if the U.S. defaults on its loans they will downgrade the rating of U.S. Treasury bonds. This could be significant because it would cost the U.S. more in interest payments to borrow money.

Healthcare – According to the NY Times, during the 2008 campaign, Obama lied to the American public by stating insurance companies would not cover his mother because she had a preexisting condition. Obama’s mother died shortly after that statement. This was obviously done to gain political points for his healthcare reform agenda.

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