Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama's Weekly Lowlights (7/17/11)

Bill Lynn – The Deputy Defense Secretary has decided to step down from his Pentagon post.

Inflation - Bloomberg News reports "President Barack Obama and lawmakers are considering cutting Social Security and increasing revenue by changing the way the government measures inflation."

CNN - In a press release issued this past week, the NAACP blasts CNN for its lack of diversity in its recently announced prime time news lineup. They’re right, in a sense: there are still no conservatives in the lineup.

EPA – They are implementing a new law called the Cross State Air Pollution Rule that will charge coal power plants fees for emissions that cross state lines. I wonder how much it cost to implement a method to measure this absurd policy?

Louisiana – They passed a new law to discourage the hiring of illegal aliens.

David Ploufee – Obama’s senior campaign advisor said that people will not vote in 2012 based on the unemployment rate. I think 9.2% of Americans beg to differ as well as the 5 million folks that fled the workforce and have completely given up on finding a job. Even White House Press Secretary Carney has said Americans do not care about GDP and unemployment statistics.

Gun Control – The Obama administration, once again, will bypass Congress and have the DOJ implement new gun “safety” laws. They are particularly targeting gun shops near the border. What gives the Obama administration any right to regulate gun shops; especially given their record on the “Fast and Furious” project?

NASA – The U.S. space program is now officially dead with the last space shuttle mission in progress.

Light Bulbs – The House is trying to repeal the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act that will ban incandescent light bulbs next year.

Civility – Republicans are routinely being called terrorists and compared to Nazis by liberal media personalities (i.e. Chris Matthews and Tina Brown) for not raising the debt ceiling.

Nancy Pelosi – Several sources including Time and Politico have written articles about how marginalized Pelosi has been in the debt debate.

TalkingPointsMemo – They actually wrote an article demonizing Paul Ryan for having the gall to drink an expensive wine – you know the guy that wants to destroy entitlements and push granny off a cliff. Maybe liberals can write a law regulating or making expensive wines illegal.

Pakistan – The U.S. suspended 800 million in aid to Pakistan after they denounced the Bin Laden killing.

Debt Ceiling – Obama calls the 76% of Americans who don’t want to raise the debt ceiling as “uninformed”.

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