Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama's Weekly Lowlights (7/26/11)

Bill Clinton – He compared the latest voting proposal by Republicans to the Jim Crowe laws, which discriminated against minorities.

Illegal Aliens – One illegal immigrant was found working in an Arizona nuclear power plant.

Budget – Obama says “Americans are sold on his plan but Congress is dug in ideology”. I am still waiting to see any plan proposed by Democrats made public. In the same speech Obama also proclaimed “raising taxes on the wealthy is not about raising tax revenue, but it is about fairness”.

Europe – Eight banks failed a stress test, Italy has made deep cuts in its budget, and Greece is still looking for a second bailout.

Indiana and Virginia – They finished the 2011 fiscal year with a budget surplus. Thank you governors Mitch Daniels and Bob McDonnell. Indiana and Virginia are two of 12 states that are no longer in the red.

Libya – The U.S. and 29 other nations have recognized the rebels (opposition to Kaddafi) as the official government of Libya.

Sheila Jackson-Lee – The Texas Congresswomen suggests that “Congress is challenging Obama on the debt ceiling because he is black”.

Balanced Budget Amendment – House Republicans brought forth and passed a bill “Cut, Cap and Balance” that would amend the Constitution to force Congress to have a balanced budget. President Obama said he will veto the bill, but Harry Reid killed the bill in the Senate.

Economy – Gold continues to hit record highs as economic indicators continue to be very weak.

Georgia – Police shutdown the lemonade stand of few 14 year old girls because they did not have a permit.

Fast and Furious – Investigations into the failed plan by the DOJ reveals they are protecting government appointees from the White House.

Afghanistan - The Associate Press reports: "Gen. David Petraeus handed over command of the Afghan war to Marine Gen. John Allen last week as the U.S. and its international partners prepare to withdraw over the next few years."
Gas Prices - Gas prices have topped four dollars per gallon in eight states.

Chicago – Newly elected mayor, Rahm Emanuel has laid off 625 city workers to close a massive budget shortfall.

Nevada DMV – They denied a request for a GOPALIN license plate.

Education – A recent study indicated that only 21% of fourth graders, 27% of eighth graders, and 20% of twelfth graders were proficient in both history and geography.

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