Saturday, July 9, 2011

Obama's Weekly Lowlights 7/9/11

Economy – The private sector added mere 18 thousand jobs while the unemployment rate increased to 9.2%. And what’s worse the labor force continues to shrink and updated labor numbers for April and May have dropped by 44 thousand jobs.

Planned Parenthood – State and federal cuts in funding to Planned Parenthood will save the taxpayers over 60 million dollars thus far this year.

UN – The United Nations named North Korea as the head chair of the Disarmament Conference.

Businesses – According to CNBC, the best states to start a business are Virginia and Texas. Not surprisingly, the worst states are California and Illinois.

John Conyers – The Michigan Representative had this to say about his new Republican colleagues: “This is the first time that I can remember being confronted by members of the Congress, my colleagues, who say, ‘I don’t care if I get reelected or not, I want to cut the budget by $100 billion or whatever,’” said a bewildered Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), who was first elected to Congress in 1964. “I’ve never seen that kind of a member before. … It’s a dangerous point of view from my perspective.”

Muslim Brotherhood – The Obama administrations has agreed to establish contact with the Egyptian terrorist organization.

TSA – A Nigerian man slipped passed screeners using an old boarding pass at a California airport.

Polar Bears - U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that a May 2008 decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to place the bear on the endangered species list as threatened because of melting sea ice was rational given the facts and best available science.

Mark Halperin – MSNBC rightfully suspended Halperin for using a derogatory comment to describe Obama. However, MSNBCs suspension policy is not equally applied to those analysts on their network that have used crass language when describing Bush, Palin, or other conservatives.

Republicans - A new Harvard University study finds that July 4th parades energize only Republicans, turn kids into Republicans, and help to boost the GOP turnout of adults on Election Day.

Rolling Stone – Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine wrote this about Michelle Bachmann: “Bachmann is a religious zealot whose brain is a raging electrical storm of divine visions and paranoid delusions… Bachmann's entire political career has followed this exact same pattern of God-speaks-directly-to-me fundamentalism mixed with pathological, relentless, conscienceless lying.”

Minnesota – The government is shutting down after talks failed to reach a budget agreement.

Russia - The AP reports, "Russia's defense minister says the military will deploy two army brigades to help protect the nation's interests in the Arctic."
Hugo Chavez - Venezuela's leftist leader Hugo Chavez has been stricken with cancer. He underwent surgery in Cuba this past week.

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