Saturday, January 2, 2016

How the Left Deceives About Climate Change (Part II)

First, renewables are overrated and will never completely remove ALL carbon. Hyping renewables as the reason the CO2 has not gone up year over year is just wrong and it seems part of these scientists goal is to sell us on renewable energy sources as part of their plan. Secondly, CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere at a much higher rate than he explains. He can deceive Americans because they cannot do simple math. And what’s so confusing to me is if you believe climate change is occurring at cataclysmic rates, then why would anyone want to rely on energy sources that rely on weather patterns. A change in climate could render renewable sources useless, right? And it is possible to reduce carbon emissions using other types of technologies such as carbon scrubbers without destroying our economy and changing our lifestyles. These are better solutions because they can actually reduce the level of carbon in our atmosphere, renewables will not. Let’s face facts, the political Left loves Green as much as the Right loves Gas (actually the Left loves gas as well – they tax it royally – What will replace this revenue stream once we move totally to renewables?). In fact, the Green economy is booming and there is a vicious cycle of money between Green companies and Washington. The growth in Green markets is concerning and could cause an economic recession when the bubble bursts. Solutions to global warming is what concerns me the most. They are expensive and really do not solve the problem at hand (rising CO2). They destroy the environment – solar and wind farms use as much land as the state of Rhode Island to produce the same amount of energy as a 5 reactor nuclear plant. Many Green devices, like electric cars, are dirtier than oil based counterparts. Electric cars, for instance, use elements mined from our mountains to build 600 pound batteries. Americans have been brainwashed into believing any product that is “green” is better. And this is far from the truth.

The show then blamed manmade climate change on the increase in forest fires across the state of Colorado. Over 90% of fire fires are started by humans and this accounts for about half of all acres burned. As populations increase there are lots more people inhabiting rural areas as well as a drastic increase in people doing outdoor activities. This accounts for a great deal of forest fire increases. So “manmade” can be used to describe the increase of forest fires, but not in terms of climate change, but in terms of stupidity. Many claim warmer temperatures fuel more fires. We read about temperature changes of several degrees around the globe in recent times. In fact, temperatures have not even increased by 1 degree Fahrenheit over the past 1000 years. And that is from the doom and gloom scientists, other scientists dispute these findings and say our current temperature is 1 degree lower than 1000 years ago (the Medieval warming period).

Even more confusing is the Left’s plan to reduce global temperatures by painting infrastructures white to repel heat. But this has nothing to do with CO2. What it does explain however, is how population increases and the subsequent increase in infrastructure can give misleading temperature data. The conduction of heat by infrastructure can provide misleading information about the actual surface temperature and appear that CO2 is causing the warming trend. Manmade climate change would be much more believable if people would stop the doom and gloom prognostications and using global warming to explain everything from earthquakes to record cold temperatures to heavy snow storms. This is not realistic. It is this type of fearmongering, contradicting findings among climate change scientists, and cataclysmic talk that makes these arguments so hard to believe. And if the Left would only provide realistic solutions it would be much easier to believe. Right now, I see the Left profiteering from Green products (which are expensive and not so green) and then in turn contribute these profits to the Democratic party starting a vicious cycle of money and a Green economic bubble.

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