Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How the Left Deceives About Climate Change (Part III)

There is a great article written by Mike Jonas explaining why the climate change models created in the early 1970s to model 20th century global temperatures and beyond are so drastically wrong today. You can find his article here:


I will sum up his findings below:

1. Jonas averaged the findings of over 100 models and found that the average global temperature would rise by 0.2 degrees Celsius (nearly 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit) each decade starting around 1990 to 2000. These forecasts are cataclysmic to think global temperatures would warm 2 degrees Fahrenheit in 50 years and 4 degrees in a century. In other words, post ice age warming trends that would normally take tens of thousands of years would be done in a mere 100 years! Currently, the models are about 0.6 degrees Celsius (1.2 degrees Fahrenheit) over forecast in just 2 to 3 decades of modeling. 2. There are many reasons the models are wrong. The first reason is that about two thirds of the information in models is due to “unknowns”. To account for this, known numbers in the model were fiddled with until they match known temperature data from 1900 to 1970. If the data did not match the original models, then it comes as no surprise manipulated data in the model makes the model forecasts well off the mark in the future. 3. The models consist of three main components: clouds – 41%, CO2 – 37%, and water vapor – 22%. The models fail to take into account any of the following temperature sources (mostly because they are unknown and very unpredictable): volcanos, El Nino, ocean currents, ocean oscillations, wind, the sun, cosmic rays, and Milankovich cycles. 4. Clouds and water vapor were added to models to fiddle with results to get the models to track 20th century temperature data. So the data for those parameters (63% of the model) is sketchy moving forward. These climate change models are based on the fact that the only parameter effecting global temperature is CO2. And hence, it should come as no surprise that the models are completely unreliable.

Remember, it was these doom and gloom models that started the whole green movement. And because these models forced us to rush to come up with solutions to climate change, most of the solutions we have put in place are bad: expensive, dependent on weather, and do not even solve the problem of rising CO2. What most people do not realize is that nature puts out more CO2 than what is manmade. This means that even if all of the world’s energy came from renewable sources – it would not necessarily stop the increase in CO2 in our atmosphere and subsequent warming. So many people have so much vested in Green that there is no going back. Our schools and government have invested billions to brainwash our populations into believing climate change is happening very fast; it is caused by man – industrialization (capitalism); and it can be solved by throwing money at it. And wouldn’t you know it, this fits the liberal narrative of higher taxes and their war on corporations and industries to a tee.

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