Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why Liberal Policies are Unsustainable

It may be 10 years, 50 years, or 100 years, but at some point liberal policies will lead to the collapse of the U.S. economic system. The most troubling aspect of liberal policies is that they conflict, are hypocritical, and can be considered an oxymoron in some cases.

Basic liberal philosophy is to have a large government that supports the needs of the poor, elderly, illegal aliens, and disabled. Our government sponsors thousands of anti-poverty programs as well as thousands of other funded programs to help people in need. All of this sounds great and looks better on paper, but the implementation and operation of these programs has some major flaws that are not sustainable.

Over half of all Americans today receive some form of government welfare such as food stamps, housing subsidies, healthcare subsidies, or some other form of government help. The elderly have no choice and live on government sponsored programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Although people pay into the Medicare and Social Security systems, the money to pay those currently enrolled in these programs has already been borrowed from future generations. What’s worse, the number of Americans paying taxes to support Welfare, Medicare, and Social Security is not enough to sustain the programs. As the tax base decreases, the need to increase the tax burden on the wealthy becomes evident. The government can only confiscate so much wealth through taxes before it has a negative effect on tax revenues. In essence, the government is running a big Ponzi-Scheme and it is a matter of time before the bottom of the pyramid becomes too small to support the upper portion of the pyramid. All Ponzi-Schemes will ultimately fail. It is just a matter of time. That is why it is crime for individuals and companies to run a Ponzi-Scheme investment concept. This is the big picture, but it is the small policies supported by liberals that have an ill effect on the health of our economic system.

Under Obama, the number of people collecting welfare has skyrocketed. Food stamp payrolls have doubled, disability payrolls have doubled, and healthcare costs have doubled. This is not only unsustainable, but all this money and a massive sized government leads to excessive waste and fraud compounding the problem.

Liberal policy to include illegal aliens into the U.S. populace will increase welfare payouts and further decrease the percentage of people in the tax base. Increasing the U.S. population by 3 to 4% will further compound the Ponzi-Scheme problem by placing more people at the top of the pyramid. And the liberal policy to support lax borders and sanctuary cities will further complicate the problem.

Liberal policy to support abortion works to decrease the U.S. tax base to support massive welfare programs. Some may argue that aborting unwanted babies would decrease the number of potential people collecting welfare. They may be right, but that is only because the liberal belief in “victimization” is brainwashing people into being takers. After all, it is the liberal policy that victims are owed something for doing nothing.

Liberal policy to support refugees works further to push the Ponzi-Scheme closer to failure by adding more people at the top of pyramid and fewer people at the bottom of the pyramid to pay for their welfare.

Liberal policy to decrease the U.S. use of fossil fuels also works to decrease the government tax base. Oil and gas are two of the most heavily taxed commodities in the U.S. What is going to replace this revenue stream? Probably the legalization of marijuana which will further work to define an even more lethargic population – expecting more for doing less.

Liberal policies such as ObamaCare have put more stress on our economy and healthcare system and it is no surprise that the law is failing and in a death spiral. It should also come as no surprise that ObamaCare costs have already surpassed CBO projections.

Liberal policies promoting causes such as climate change are troublesome because they generate regulations to subdue the tax base and they generate expensive laws siphoning tax revenues. Climate change is a huge hit to tax revenues making the Ponzi-Scheme harder to support. There is a much higher probability that national security will be effected more by economic instability than by climate change.

Liberal policies to release prisoners and provide lenient sentences to criminal offenders costs the federal system billions to deal with constant reoffenders. It is cheaper to keep them incarcerated.

Liberal policies to ignore and to procrastinate when dealing with terrorism will cost the nation billions more in military costs and property damages in the long run.

The biggest issue with any liberal policy is its lack of “incentive” and the need to promote laziness. These policies promote government reliance and citizens have no incentive to work if they get things for “free”. Meanwhile, the working class has less incentive to earn more if the government continues to confiscate bigger chunks of their wealth in taxes. In other words, liberal policies reward unaccountability and punish accountability.

I have no problem helping people in need. But I only want to help people who want to themselves. I do not want to help those who expect others to pay for their existence. Addiction to governance is just as dangerous as addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addictions are hard to break. If people give a drug addict money he is going to buy more drugs. If the government continues to give people welfare, they are not going to look for a job and seek independence.

When an economic system is breaking there are many signs of unrest and chaos, and much that can be illustrated today. We see higher crime, lack of tolerance for free speech, a growing political divide, increased narcissism, increased terrorism threats, and a lack for authority such as the police. This is exactly what happened in Greece when their economy collapsed.

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