Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why is Clinton Campaigning on Four More Years of Obama? (Part II)

Clinton’s scandals do not get as much attention as they deserve. There are over 100 FBI agents working the case. She violated several federal statutes that make it illegal to store classified information on personal email accounts. By a current count, over 1000 classified emails have showed up on her personal and unprotected email server. There is no doubt that Clinton not only mishandled government documents it was a pattern of negligence. One may be able to call a few instances a mistake, but over a thousand instances is a pattern of negligence. She also violated the 2009 Federals Records Act by failing to maintain duplicate copies of email correspondence on State Department data servers. And she violated the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – Hundreds of requests into her records have been delayed or ignored. Recent reports indicate that the FBI has been able to recover erased work related emails from the server. This alone violates all three laws indicated above. If all of this is not bad enough, Clinton used her job at the State Department for quid pro quo or “pay for play” purposes. For instance, many companies who won contracts to rebuild Haiti after the 2009 earthquake also gave to the Clinton foundation. Once again, there is a pattern of negligence here. One or two accounts may be seen as a coincidence or circumstantial evidence, but dozens of cases is seen as a pattern of fraud.

If the FBI decides there is enough information to indict Clinton, and Obama’s DOJ declines to follow through with the complaints – It could end up being a sticky situation for both Obama and Clinton. There will be leaks from the FBI containing damning evidence. This would certainly reveal that Obama’s decision not to pursue an indictment on Clinton would be a political one. This would be followed by Congressional hearings putting DOJ Attorney Journal Loretta Lynch in the middle of a political fight. FBI chief Comey may even resign his post (as a sign of protest) and of course there would be talk about impeachment for failing to carry out the law. This impeachment talk will follow Hilary all the way to the White House if she wins the presidency.

Of course, even if the DOJ decides to move forward and prosecute Clinton, she will not go away easy from the 2016 election. She will stay in the race and continue to claim that she is an innocent victim. She will likely try to find a scapegoat to throw under the bus (a former aide) and take the fall for her negligence to U.S. national security. This may be the worst case scenario for Democrats because even those liberal media outlets could not cover up this story. And Clinton is trying to avoid this scenario by guaranteeing to carry out the Obama legacy. It may work, but either way (pursue conviction or look the other way) there is going to be a firestorm around Clinton’s campaign.

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