Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How the Left Deceives About Climate Change (Part I)

A few weeks back there was a climate change show on in Colorado. Here are some of deceptions used by the show: The show claims that if your weather is not within the norm for the day, season, or year, it is due to climate change. Here is what we know: Climate change is constantly occurring on Earth. There have been 5 Ice ages and subsequent warmings over the past nearly 1 million years. Each Ice Age and subsequent warming trend lasts tens of thousands of years. Prior to the first ice age, the earth had no glaciers, even at the poles, in its history. My point is that the Earth has gone through cycles of cold followed by a warm up long before there was an industrial revolution and man. To suggest the current warming is due to manmade carbons is just wrong. And to suggest that a season of cold, hot, windy, drought, or snowy weather is due to climate change is also wrong. We cannot see climate change, it happens slowly over thousands of years. And to suggest global warming also explains cold and snowy weather just makes little sense.

Viewing the cores of glacier ice in the Antarctica (800,000 years of data) you can find that temperature and CO2 are “relatively” related or partially correlated (but the correlation is weak at best). For instance, temperatures do not rise or lower proportionally to CO2. But let’s be clear about one point: it is CO2 that “relatively” tracks temperature by 200 to 1400 years and not vice versa. In other words CO2 lags temperature changes! Hence, to assume that temperature is tracking CO2 is grossly wrong. Currently, atmospheric CO2 is about 100 PPM higher than the highest level found in Artic ice and increasing about 2 PPM per year. Yet, temperatures were much warmer during many periods over those 800,000 years of data. The swing in temperature over an ice age is about 5 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. The Left talks about swings in temperature of several degrees over a few decades in parts of the world. This is wrong.

One scientist on the show explained that CO2 molecules can remain in the atmosphere for up to 100 years. He also explained from 2014 to 2015, it is the first time in a healthy economy that CO2 in the atmosphere did not go up. And he said the obvious reason is due to renewable energy sources. So let’s put together an example with approximate numbers. Let’s say in 1915 (before the industrial revolution) that the amount of CO2 emitted in the atmosphere increased by 1 PPM (Part per million). In 2014 that number increased to 10 PPM (per the Al Gore charts showing CO2 going up about 100 PPM over 10 years). About 13% of the energy used for electricity came from renewables in 2014, but 70% of new energy sources in 2015 came from renewables. So let’s assume for 2015, the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere accounts for only 8 PPM (down 20% - a very rosy prediction considering Asia is far behind in renewable use). So the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere is not flat but 8 PPM minus 1 PPM (1915) is 7 PPM. So there is something these scientist are not explaining to us (they have contradicting stories).

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