Thursday, December 3, 2015

Similarities and Differences

Democrats alike want us to “Celebrate our differences”. However, to Democrats, the only differences they want us to celebrate are those differences you can visually see. I, on the other hand, would like to celebrate those similarities you can see. What the so called Party of Science fails to understand is that the genetic makeup of all humans is 99.9% the same. We all have same number of bones, muscles, organs, etc. (unless there is a rare genetic mutation). We have a lot more in common than not. So, when a liberal sees a person they like to point out our differences. On the other hand, when I see a person that is what I see a person – not a size, height, skin color, eye color, or hair color. By celebrating our differences, liberals are saying we are different and not necessarily equal. And that can be proved or confirmed through liberal policies on welfare, diversity, and affirmative action. Differences or uniqueness in appearance is so important in our country, we strive to make statements by getting tattoos, piercings, and wearing wild clothing. This is what Democrats and liberals think is important to individuality and to define one’s persona.

The biggest difference between human beings is not how look, but how we think. That is why we people strive to look different – because we are so similar in appearance. But when liberals talk about “celebrating our differences” they are not talking about the difference in how we think. In fact, there is only one way to think in a liberals’ viewpoint, and that is their way, no exceptions. Liberals feel they are 100% right and conservatives are 100% wrong, period! Unfortunately, what liberals do not realize is that they are being indoctrinated. Their thought process is being hijacked and replaced with the thoughts of just a handful of people. It has gotten so bad, the government is trying to take over our thought process in many instances by taking over health care, loans, and even what can eat or drink. This process is not much different in the corporate world where leaders want “yes men”. They do not want to hear different opinions or have people ask questions, they just want people who conform.

The true value of diversity or multiculturalism is not how we look, but how we think. And liberals, the government, and corporations could care less about your opinions unless they agree with theirs. This is what is killing America. This is the dumbing down process of America and downward spiral to mediocrity. It is not racism (although it does exist at some small level), it is war on debate, opinion, and opposing viewpoints. How do you kill opinion and the thought process of others, you find everything you do not agree with offensive, annoying, or politically incorrect to silence the opposition.

To make matters worse, technology is also working in a negative way to restrict our thought process. First of all, it places the opinions of a few at our fingertips. Secondly, it replaces our thinking process for things like spelling, math, and a unique perspective. How many times has someone posted a unique quote on FB? Most of them are just passed along. Original thought is being replaced by the thought of few found on technology. And for those of us who believe in evolution would understand that this is not a good thing.

Do not take my word for it, just look at the facts. We can see it in our dwindling intellect at schools. We can see it in our lack of innovation. We can see it in a flailing economy. We can see it with our lack of problem solving skills. We can see it with the growing use of the words politically incorrect, annoying, blame, any excuse, and offensive.

Globally, extreme thought has offered some people hope that they can be unique, different, and part of a cause. Unfortunately, that cause is terrorism. Liberalism is also a view of extreme thought that is used to divide groups of people based on gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. Liberalism is barbaric in it can convince people that abortion is a good thing. Liberalism blames every problem in society on something that has nothing to do with the root cause – Whites, the wealthy, corporations, guns, and religion are a few examples of what they classify as evil. Liberalism lives in the past and refuses to perform any form of strategic thinking. For instance, slavery is continually brought up as a present day issue that is proof of racism. Liberalism thinks money (other peoples’ money) is the only variable for solutions to problems and it can be used solve every problem such as poverty and climate change.

I wonder if the last American will remember to turn off the lights if they are not reminded to do so.

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