Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Obama Legacy: Global Lawlessness

If there is one word to sum up the Obama legacy, it would be lawlessness. At home and abroad there is nothing but chaos and no respect for the law. Obama had a chance to change many of the chaotic outcomes, but he failed on every front.

At home, violent crime is up in most major cities including homicides of police officers. There is no question that Obama’s rhetoric has not helped matters especially when he increasingly blames the police on very public cases. The first amendment is all but gone on our university campuses. There is no tolerance for any speech that opines an opposing view. This behavior has been building up for years, but it does not help when you have a president who tries to silence the media, implement the fairness doctrine, place a “snitching” policy on neighbors, and publically chastises Fox News every opportunity that arises. It also does not help when the DOJ looks the other way when the Black Panther Party tries to intimidate people at election polling places. Obama and his justice department do not lead by example. Obama is the first president since FDR to have a losing record at the Supreme Court. This proves that Obama is trying to garner more executive power by breaking the law.

It certainly sets a bad precedent when the president and his administration have no respect for the law, it should come as no surprise the result is lawlessness. Obama has not been able to transcend race, in fact, he and his proponents use the race card more often. When discussing crime, Obama only talks about white on black crime and fails to see the significant rise in black on black crime or black on white crime. This type of prejudice fosters lawlessness and pits ethnicities against each other.

Abroad, things are much worse. Obama made many blunders. First, in the Arab Spring, Obama supported opposition forces, but refused to put troops on the ground to influence the outcome for new governments. The result, Libya and Somalia are now terrorist safe havens, and Egypt is controlled by the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember, Obama went to war unilaterally in Libya and the fact the US no longer can keep an embassy there following the Benghazi attack illustrates the colossal failure.

In Iran, Obama failed to support the Green Revolution uprising to overthrow the current government. Instead, Obama has made a treaty with Iran that will eventually lead to a nuclear bomb and worse yet, it provides Iran billions of dollars that will ultimately go to sponsor more terrorism around the globe.

In Syria, Obama did nothing to remove Assad from power even when he crossed his redline and used chemical weapons. Now the situation in Syria has deteriorated to the point that it is impossible to move forward with a plan since there are multiple factions fighting against each other including ISIS.

Obama retreated from Iraq and Afghanistan too fast and now ISIS and the Taliban are stronger than ever. Obama misjudged the strength of ISIS and now they are killing thousands of people around the globe in terror attacks. Still, Obama fails to use ground troops to fight ISIS. The Obama air war against ISIS is ineffective without any ground support to identify targets.

The overall result from all the civil wars, chaos, terror, and lawlessness is over a million refugees fleeing Africa and the Middle East trying to get to Europe. What’s worse is that ISIS is smuggling terrorists into Europe by posing as refugees.

Obama did nothing to stop Russia aggression in Crimea, Ukraine, and Syria. If anything this showed the rest of the world that America was no longer a leader and would do nothing to stop foreign and terrorist aggression.

What if Obama talked about the police with respect? What if Obama was not so prejudice? What if Obama was not so paranoid? What if Obama was not in such a hurry to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan? What if Obama had taken the ISIS threat seriously from the beginning? What if Obama used ground troops to fight ISIS? What if Obama used ground troops to influence the government outcomes in Libya, Egypt and Somalia? What if Obama did not go to war unilaterally against Libya? What if Obama supported the Green Revolution? What if Obama acted sooner in Syria? What if Obama stood up to Russia? If Obama did not make so many blunders, there would be much less global chaos, death, and destruction. The world would undoubtedly be a better without Obama as the leader of United States, but we still have another year of this callous leadership.

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