Friday, February 20, 2015

The Problem with Obama’s non-Islamic Narrative

Obama and his administration refuse to call ISIS and other terrorists groups in the Middle East radical Islam. Actually, I do not have a problem with this approach and agree with his argument that there are a few radicalized people that for the most part do not represent Islam in any way. But there are some serious issues with his thinking (he is a hypocrite and contradicts himself).

First, and probably the most troubling aspect of this approach is that Islam is still an archaic religion living in the past. For instance, many Islamic people may not be terrorist but many more still practice Sharia Law. And Sharia law discriminates against women, gays, and other groups of people. This is a liberal hypocrisy because they claim to be the Party that sticks up for these groups of people. For this reason, and to be consistent, liberals should call out radical Islam until it completely changes its ways to meet modern ethical standards.

Second, Obama and his administration have no problem calling out other groups of people even when there is no evidence. They have done this consistently - they pit white versus black (race baiting over issues such as Jeramiah Wright, Hurricane Katrina, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the Henry Louis Gates incidents to name a few), female versus male (war on women), and when Muslims are attacked he is quick to point out this is racism and a hate crime. But they fail to make the same analysis when Muslims kill Christians. In fact, the entire Democratic Party is guilty of placing every American person into some type of group or classification – old, young, wealthy, poor, Christian, Jew, White, Hispanic, Male, Female, Gay, etc. We are no longer individuals treated equally in the eyes of liberals, we are treated differently based on our classification or demographic. This is how they win elections – they pit groups of people against each other to win votes. So the fact Obama has an issue placing a name on Islamic terrorism is a completely different narrative then how he and liberals deal with every American citizen. Call it what you may, but this is once again convenient hypocrisy.

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  1. Serial hypocrisy is what happens when people lie about their true motives. In this case the lie is that Obama and the Left don't use the phrase "Islamic terrorism" because they are afraid it will unfairly tarnish all Muslims. The truth is that they fear people will come to understand the truth about the inherently violent nature of Islam.