Monday, February 23, 2015

The Narcissistic Righteousness that is Hollywood

I could not but help to see all the political statements made by all the winners at the Oscars (I am paraphrasing them): This is for all the people with Alzheimer’s; This is for all the people with ALS; There are more black men incarcerated today then there were slaves at the end of the Civil War; It is time for women to be treated equally; and to stay weird.

The only one that made any sense is the one to stay weird. It was a very personalized story about one winner who attempted suicide, but he succeeded despite his weirdness. That is a message that is a good one that I can live with. The rest of statements were just flat out Hollywood narcissistic righteousness.

First, there is a big difference between being a criminal and a slave. Are some black people falsely incarcerated? Yes, but a very high percentage are guilty of the crime they were put on trial for. Criminals have a choice, slaves did not. And the statement about more blacks incarcerated today then there were slaves at the end of the Civil War is made by a man who does not know the concept of percentages in mathematics. Nearly half of all blacks were slaves in the early 1860s, today only 3.2 percent of blacks are under some type of correction control including being out of prison but on probation. Needless to say this is one of the most idiotic statements made by an award winner.

Secondly, I am sure it is little comfort to the people with ALS or Alzheimer’s that some Hollywood elitist is going to be a caretaker of a Oscar depicting their deadly disorder. Actually, Hollywood has been late to bring attention to these disorders. Both ALS and Alzheimer’s (dementia) receive comparable funding to any medical disorder from the government and through charities based on their prevalence factor. You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard of these horrific diseases before these Hollywood flicks came out. I know it would bring me no comfort knowing a person is polishing off an Oscar in their posh million dollar home at the expense of an ailment I have. But that is just me.

Thirdly, I am tired of hearing that women are not being treated fairly in our country. Maybe women would prefer to live in some Arab or Asian culture where women are treated as second rate citizens. My research of government and charitable funding for ALS and Alzheimer’s led me to find that billions more dollars are spent on women’s ailments. In fact, government laws discriminate against men to give women more opportunities. Title IX has dismantled many athletic opportunities for men. Diversity has given more opportunities to unqualified women at the expense of men. It happens every day. Yet, all we hear is that women are not being treated fairly – this is nonsense.

Fourth, it is completely condescending to make some kind of political statement after winning an award. This is narcissistic righteousness behavior at its core. They are instead making the issue about them and not what they preach. This is true especially coming from a group of people wearing expensive clothing, jewelry, and makeup and eating expensive foods. What have these people done to truly help the cause they are preaching for? They have done nothing, they are hypocritical fakes. Anyone can say and hide behind righteous words, but few can really act them. Think about it; none of these winners would have done their work without the reward of pay. In other words, they did not volunteer for these jobs or offer some percentage of their earnings to their cause. They are greedy fakes.

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  1. I stopped watching all of the awards show a long time ago when I wakened to the fact that these were merely events of self-congratulations for non-heroic acts by people who have an insatiable need for applause and attention. Pardon my French but who gives a shit what any of these narcissists think about anything? They’re entertainers, nothing more. The absurdity of the whole business was brought home to me years ago when Ann Coulter, asked to comment on nasty anti-Bush administration comments made by a member of the band Rage Against the Machine, said, “Who cares about them? Has anybody checked in with Flock of Seagulls to see what their position is on Bush?"

    Touché, Ms. Coulter!