Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Laws of Symmetry and Equilibrium (Part I)

I have talked in great lengths on this blog about how symmetry is the key to equilibrium for not only all matter within our universe, but for society and lives. Symmetry controls the stability of our economy, our educational system, religion, and even crime. Below are some examples of my laws of symmetry and any government attempt to change the outcome of these laws will lead directly to waste, chaos, and failure.

There should be as many poor people as there are rich people. When the government tried to make it possible for all of the poor to own a home, the housing market crashed and started the great recession. For fifty years the government has tried to eradicate poverty with no progress to show for trillions and trillions of dollars thrown into the system. Hence, socialism and spreading the wealth cannot undo Darwin’s laws of symmetry such as the survival of the fittest.

There are as many underachievers as gifted or advanced students in our educational system. To the same note there are as many geniuses as there are intellectually challenged in society. Not everyone is college material. The government pours billions into helping underachievers and very little to help advanced students. The result – the U.S. is falling further behind the rest of the world when it comes to reading, writing, math, and science. The school system may have just as much luck trying to convert athletically challenged students into top notch athletes or introverts into extraverts. This sounds silly, but that is the effect of non-symmetrical based policies.

There are as many evil people as heroes. This is why government attempts to reform hardened evil criminals’ fails at a rate greater than 95%. This also explains why our criminal system is failing good citizens because they hand down lenient penalties. Every act of goodness is opposed by an act of bad and this explains why bad things happen to good people. The same can be said of good and bad countries.

There are as many successes as there are failures. Therefore, government interference in the private sector with bailouts is not necessary. For instance, the Bush/Obama auto bailouts failed because GM and Chrysler went into bankruptcy anyway.

All government laws, mandates, regulations, and rules should be applied symmetrically. This means they should be applied equally amongst the population for which the law targets. However, this is not what has happened for ANY law since Calvin Coolidge was President. Laws are complex with thousands of pages of carve outs, earmarks, exceptions, inclusions, and overall convolution and disorder. The end result is chaos, fraud, mismanagement, and waste. Every big entitlement is a perfect example of this: ObamaCare, Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare to name a few.

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  1. Good post, Patrick. We are definitely far from a state of equilibrium in this country.