Friday, February 13, 2015

The Forces of Humanity (Part II)

Posson, Neutson, and Negson groups are partially made up of a very small number of individuals called a Powson. Powson persons are the individuals who have the power to impact society the most. Powson individuals can be Fortune 500 CEOs, federal and state legislators, drug lords, media executives, Terrorist leaders, Heads of government agencies, Supreme Court members and so forth. Powson persons within the Posson group use their power for goodness and that is the force that holds the group together. This power or force can influence Neutson individuals and pull them over to the Posson group. Conversely, Powson people within the Negson group use their power for evil and use this force to influence as many Neutson individuals into moving over to the Negson group. Meanwhile Powson persons within the Neutson group can also positively or negatively impact individuals. These Powson individuals are more often than not divisive and polarizing personalities splintering the Neutson group into two factions of Posson leaning individuals and Negson leaning individuals.

Individuals within the Posson, Neutson, Negson, or Powson group or population can move between each group, but it is rare. Today, it is quite concerning because more individuals are moving towards Negson than vice versa. In an ideal society the number of people within the Posson group should equal the number of individuals in the Negson group and the number of Powson persons should be evenly distributed between groups for balance, equilibrium and symmetry. Posson, Neutson, Negson, and Powson are measured by their character and not by their gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic status. In other words, they are measured by their impact to society.

There is no doubt that money plays a big part in both power and anti-power. And it seems for the most part money affects a majority of the people negatively. People tend to become more materialistic and less compassionate. In other words, this is proof that the influence of anti-power is stronger than power.

Passon, Neutson, and Negson groups are not political, but there is no doubt that liberal policies can be a cancer and push more and more people towards the Negson group of thinking or inactivity making a negative impact on society. In fact, I would consider Obama a Powson in the Negson group. I see Obama as incompetent and a failure and therefore his power is anti-power because it is used in a negative way. Obama uses many deceitful propaganda techniques to implement his anti-power (as do many politicians, but this is troubling because these are tactics used by drug lords and terrorists): Fear mongering (climate change), dependency through spreading the wealth (welfare, ObamaCare), class warfare (war on women, race baiting), quid pro quo situations with lobbyists, hypocrisy, money as a means to solve all complex problems, redefining the rules as you go, and so forth. Unfortunately, most politicians act this way and have impacted society in a negative way. The bottom line is that Obama policies are making it easier for people to move from Neutson to Negson using anti-power and that is not good. This breaks the symmetrical balance of society. When the number of Negsons outnumber the number of Possons maintaining equilibrium becomes harder when there are less taxpayers to pay for more people on welfare for instance. Or when criminals outnumber the number of innovators our society is creating – this can be cataclysmic in its effect.

Think of the negative impact media executives have on power. They create brain numbing shows such as Big Brother, Jersey Shore, and Knockout. They use their power to push propaganda such as political points on issues like race baiting and class warfare. When Bush was President they ran negative stories on the Iraq war, today they run positive spins of Obama’s involvement in Iraq. This is the hypocrisy that the media spins on politics.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand the outcome of having a larger knot on the anti-power side of the rope. This imbalance will break society. Unfortunately, Negson Powson leaders are becoming the norm today – incompetent, corrupt, weak, followers, indecisive, blamers, and excuse makers. This trend cannot continue.

It is also important to note that a huge imbalance towards the Posson group is not desirable either and could have a huge negative impact on society. This is what leads to economic bubbles or massive inflation. However, the economy usually adapts through recessions or depressions to get back to equilibrium. Moving towards an unbalanced state in the Negson direction can and will be more catastrophic to humanity and society. If the United States looks like it is weak and can be bullied, it will be and we are starting to see that with Russia and Terrorist organizations.

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  1. No doubt about it, Patrick. The scales are wobbling.