Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Growing Liberalism in America

Many conservatives are practicing liberal ideas and they have no clue they are doing so. I saw a sign on the side of a car that supported Republican candidates which read: “Cure Juvenile Arthritis!”. This sign seems fairly benign, but it is not. I empathize with the family to have to go through any debilitating ailment with their kids or anyone in their family. No one should have to go through this. That being said, there are so many things wrong with sign and their approach to solve this problem.

First, why not put out a sign to “Cure Arthritis”, period. If arthritis is cured for adults, it will also be cured for children and vice versa. The word “Juvenile” is a play at people’s emotions and is purely political. This is no different than how liberals use ethnicities and genders to win votes such as the “War on Women”.

Secondly, I went to the website and found more disturbing information. The charity receives taxpayer money. The people who have a bumper sticker to lower taxes also have a charity that receives taxpayer funding. This is obviously hypocritical.

Thirdly, there are dozens of charities and even government funding programs for arthritis. These people created a new one for their child. These layers of bureaucracy are the essence of liberalism and big government. It leads to waste, inefficiency, and fraud. It should make sense to have one arthritis charity to try to solve the problem.

Fourthly, I do not so much have a problem with people asking for private funding. My problem is that money is only one small variable in the equation to find cures. The charity only knows how to raise money, but they really do not understand anything about finding a cure. Money is not a cure. Liberals are of the belief that money solves all problems. Trillions of dollars and 50 years later poverty is higher than when the “War on Poverty” initiative started. Trillions of dollars later and there is no cure for cancer. What people do not understand is that becoming a doctor or scientist will do more to solve the problem than raising money. Raising money is easy, solving the problem is the hard part. The sign makes it sound as if donating money will solve the problem. This is the liberal fallacy for every problem in life. Without good doctors, engineers, and scientists you can raise all the money you want and the problem will never be solved. None of the money raised for any of these arthritis charities goes to scholarships for kids to become a scientist. And unfortunately, doctors, scientists, and engineers are becoming a dying breed.

Fifthly, the sign places the onus on someone else to solve the problem. What are the people in the car doing to solve the problem besides raising money? Are they really doing all they can? Are they becoming biomedical engineers?

Sixthly, every liberal has a cause whether it is to save the environment, wipe out poverty, wipe out disease in Africa, and so forth. The people in the car created their own cause when they could have simply joined a cause that was already out there to cure arthritis. I call this our progressive righteousness desire. We have the need to feel important and we need to feel we are making a difference. Even if we are just hypocrites who raise a few dollars for a cause and that is it.

I have a neurological disorder and I would never ask for people and or the government to fund a cure for it. I do not believe that is right. If I want to spend my money to fund charities and set up my own study -that is okay. This is my choice. Besides, there are billions of dollars spent each year trying to solve neurological mysteries. Hopefully, the issue will be solved, but it is not up to me to advertise on my behalf to accept money from others.

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  1. I agree with you, Patrick. The government (or should I say the handful of people who run it) should not be the ones to pick and choose what charities we support or don't support by virtue of their control over our tax dollars. That was not the intention of the Founders when they formed our government and the fact that it has evolved as it has is yet one more example of the elitists in gov't presuming to know better than the rest of us what deserves support and what doesn't.