Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where is the Media and Liberal Outrage!

Thus far liberal and media outrage over NSA expansion, deficit spending, targeting political groups (IRS, DOJ, and EPA), Benghazi, Killing American citizens without due process, expanding the war in Afghanistan, expanding the drone war, outing of CIA agents, treatment to veterans, the BP oil spill, and Fast and Furious has been little to nonexistent.

But during the Bush years there was much outrage and bad press over the Patriot act, the Iraq War, the treatment of veterans, the outing of a CIA agent – Valarie Plame, the killing of innocent civilians, Katrina, and the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Republicans are continuously ridiculed over proposed voter ID laws which liberals claim target minorities. Yet, Obama does not face the same scrutiny despite expanding Bush policies or for being completely inept.

  • The Bush administration may have passed the Patriot Act, but Obama has expanded the use of NSA spying which even includes the leaders of our allies.
  • The Bush administration may have gone to war in Iraq but ultimately a troop surge won the war. However, everyday a body count was revealed on media outlets. The Obama administration had a troop surge in Afghanistan that failed and despite the fact that 75% of all Afghan War casualties occurred under Obama’s watch there are no more body counts on our media outlets.
  • Apparently is not okay for people to present a valid ID to vote in an election to prevent fraud, but it is alright to break the law to prevent conservative nonprofits from participating in the election process.
  • Apparently it is okay to cover up a terrorist attack against a U.S. embassy and fail to hold those responsible for committing this act of violence.
  • Apparently it is okay for Obama to push for gun control and violate the second amendment rights of Americans while his administration lost track of guns they gave to drug cartels that were used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and a U.S. border agent.
  • Apparently it is okay for the U.S. to kill enemy combatants and U.S. citizens, but it is not acceptable to use enhanced interrogation techniques on enemy combatants.
  • Apparently someone must go to jail in the Bush administration for outing a Virginia based desk jokey CIA agent, but it is acceptable to out the top CIA agent in Afghanistan.
  • The treatment of wounded veterans under the Bush administration received much scrutiny, yet, despite double the budget wait times and care has gotten worse under Obama but no one seems to care.
  • While Obama caved to the EPA and did nothing to mitigate the BP oil spill, yet, this disaster failed to claim the same bad press as the failed response to Hurricane Katrina.
  • The media constantly covered stories of civilian deaths during the Iraq war and from drone use. Despite Obama tripling drone attacks and escalated the war in Afghanistan, the media stories of civilian deaths have stopped.
  • And, finally, deficit spending during the Bush years was seen as bad however, despite spending more money than all previous Presidents combined Obama fails to see the same scrutiny.

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  1. Hypocrisy is always the revealer, Patrick. They can say whatever they want and make whatever excuses they want but their actions are what tells their story whether they like it or not.