Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hillary is Beatable

Obama was a huge underdog in the 2008 Democratic nomination process but he defeated Hillary quite handily in the end. Obama defeated Hillary mainly because he was much more coherent during speeches and debates. Hillary is not a great orator like Obama or her husband Bill and worse yet she, is not very quick on her feet. Whereas, Bill and Barack can look the American public in the eye and lie to them without looking disheveled. And Hillary looks disheveled by questions that she knew had to be coming.

As bad as Hillary was during the 2008 Democratic nomination process, she was worse these past few weeks when rolling out her extremely boring book. Here are some things that Hillary declared during her book tour:

  • That she and Bill understand what it is like to be poor because they were in debt after Bill left the White House and it was hard for them to pay the mortgage on their houses (yes, plural). The press buried Romney as an elitist for being wealthy and having multiple homes. I doubt the press will come down as hard on Hillary.
  • On Benghazi Hillary took responsibility for the four Americans who died from the terrorist attack at the Embassy, including Ambassador Stevens, and then she immediately went on to blame everyone who works for her claiming they screwed up the security. As Hillary said “She cannot do all the security jobs”.
  • Hillary chastised Obama for being sexists during the 2008 Democratic primaries and even went on to defend Sarah Palin. Well, if Palin gave an interview as bad as Hillary, she would have been ridiculed by the press, and rightfully so.
  • Hillary was also confrontational with NPR when they asked about her flip flopping on gay marriage. Hillary came out against same sex marriage and was later accused of flip flopping for political purposes.
  • Hillary talked about Senator Lincoln defeating Seward in the 1860 election. Unfortunately, Lincoln was never a Senator and he defeated Douglas. This kind of gaffe would have destroyed a Republican candidate.

Still, Hillary is very popular with favorability ratings above 50%. But let’s not forget when Obama took office his favorability ratings were above 70%. Remarkably though, considering how bad the Obama presidency has gone, he still has a favorability rating around 40%. This just shows that there are a lot of liberals that will give any Democrat a high favorability rating regardless of how incompetent they are. But as long as Hillary has to continue to give speeches and later have debates – it is possible that independents will sour on her inability to answer questions that she had to know were coming.

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  1. I do think Hillary is beatable but it will depend on a lot of factors, such as who ends up running against her and whether or not she has any serious primary challengers who can beat her up a bit. If republicans are smart they will focus on her association with Obama and the progressive ideology they share and take advantage of the public's growing weariness of liberalism. It definitely wouldn't hurt to have a young, energetic candidate to contrast with a clearly aging Hillary.