Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Obama’s Work Ethic Epitomizes Liberalism

It is obvious that Obama’s foreign and domestic policies mimic liberalism to a tee. Whether it is the trillion dollar stimulus, entitlement spending including ObamaCare, massive deficit spending, or the naïve foreign policy that he can negotiate with terrorists and or rogue nations – these Obama policies are liberalism at its best.

All of that said the way Obama runs his White House also epitomizes liberalism. Here are some common work habits (tricks) of a liberal:

Liberals claim to care about others, but in actuality liberals are all about themselves (actions speak louder than words – for instance see how much a liberal donates to charity). And nobody is more narcissistic than Obama. Think about it; how does Obama spend most of his time as president? The answer to that is campaigning! Even though Obama is term limited, he still spends most of his time campaigning and raising money. In fact, he spent more energy creating a metadata system to help him win elections than what was put into creating the ObamaCare website. Liberals are all about helping others just so long as it does not create any sacrifices on their part. What did Obama do after the Benghazi attack? He got a plane to attend a campaign fundraiser in Nevada. What’s worse, playing golf and basketball are also more important than going to national security meetings.

Another liberal flaw is their inability to be accountable and responsible. No president has blamed their predecessor more than Obama. Today, Obama is blaming Republicans for his flawed roll out of ObamaCare. In fact, Obama has claimed to have known nothing about major scandals within his administration: Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservative non-profit groups, DOJ targeting conservative journalists, EPA targeting conservative non-profit groups, the Benghazi terrorist attack, NSA spying, and the gross failure of the ObamaCare website, and so forth. I believe this to be true, because liberals are great at being unaccountable for the actions of people who work for them. And if all of this is not bad enough, not one person has been held accountable for any of the Obama administration great screw ups. Nobody has been fired or sent to prison for breaking any rules, regulations, or laws in the Obama administration.

Liberals are also great at creating a crisis to deflect attention or using a crisis to win public favorability. Obama clearly used the Newtown massacre to push for gun control and he was willing to have the government shutdown to avert attention from the failed ObamaCare rollout.

Liberals also like to bend the rules in their favor. No one has flipped flopped more on policy than Obama. Obama has changed his position on the debt ceiling, NSA metadata, drone strikes, trade agreements, filibusters, civil liberties for terrorists, and campaign financing, to name a few. Obama has defied the Constitution and moved unilaterally to go to war (Libya), create czar positions with no congressional oversight, and to change parts of legislation without congressional approval (he has done this numerous times concerning ObamaCare provisions such as the corporate mandate).

The final liberal trait possessed by Obama that epitomizes liberalism is the ability to lie and make excuses. No president since Nixon and Clinton has been caught in more lies. Whether it was the Benghazi cover story or all the lies about the ObamaCare law, the Obama administration is full of excuses, lies, and misinformation. Liberals continuously change the meaning the words to appease their ideology and ego. They will do anything possible to win elections – that is all that matters.


  1. >>"Liberals are all about helping others just so long as it does not create any sacrifices on their part."

    That sums them up pretty well, Patrick! Good post!

  2. Thanks CW. Hope all is going well in Texas. It is super cold and snowy in Colorado.

  3. It just got cold here today (yesterday it was 71!). Tomorrow is supposed to be icy. Everyone is freaking out.