Monday, December 2, 2013

Liberal Words Versus Actions

ObamaCare is a great example of how liberal actions are much different than their words. Now that liberals have seen how the new healthcare law works (and they would have known this had they read the legislation), they are against the law. Why? Because it affects them personally! Sure, liberals say they want everyone to get healthcare coverage and claim it is a human right. That is fine and dandy but liberals did not expect that the law would affect them personally in a negative manner – higher rates, dropped plans, dropped doctors and care providers, and so forth.

Obama’s approval rating has dropped nearly 10 points (now in the high 30 percent range) since ObamaCare implementation started. And the only way this could have occurred is if Democrats have turned on Obama. This also explains why the liberal media has been covering the shortcomings of the healthcare law – because the law has also affected the people working for these outlets negatively.

A majority of liberals will say they support morally superior ideas: higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for entitlements; saving the planet by going green; gun control; multiculturalism; and so forth. But actions speak louder than words. Liberals would be appalled if they were held to the same carbon emission standards as corporations. Can you imagine the outrage if big brother was not only monitoring but placing limits on carbon emissions for each person? Liberals want more wind farms but they do not want them in their backyard. We have already seen from ObamaCare that most liberals are not okay with the idea of sacrificing their healthcare plans and costs to pay for someone else’s healthcare. Liberals may say the morally correct thing, but they expect other people to make the sacrifices to achieve their ideological goals.

Why is this true? We live in the era of the narcissist (you need to look no further than social media outlets to witness narcissism). Everyone is out for themselves. Liberals claim to care about others and say conservatives hate the poor, minorities, the planet, and so forth. None of this is true because a majority of liberals are hypocrites. It is easy to ask other people (such as the wealthy) to pay more taxes because it does not affect them.

I have no business or right to expect another group, organization, company, or individual to make sacrifices that I am not willing to implement on myself. This is a simple rule to live by and would make America a much less divisive place to live.

I do not care what a person’s political ideology is, but I expect that person to practice what they preach.

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