Monday, December 9, 2013

Liberal Extortion

Extortion is illegal, but liberals have found a way to legalize it – at least for them to win elections. One definition of extortion is the illegal use of one's official position or powers to obtain property, funds, or patronage. Patronage is defined as the power to distribute or appoint people to governmental or political positions.

Democrats cry foul over rulings such as Citizens United allowing companies and groups to donate as much money as they want (no cap) to political candidates. They are afraid this may yield an unfair advantage to Republicans who are largely supported by corporations. But in the 2012 election Democrats far outraised Republicans. This is mainly due to the fact that Wall Street also backs Democrats and Democrats have a huge advantage in contribution from union factions. In fact, Democrats held nearly a 5 to 1 advantage in funding in the recent Virginia governor’s race. However, in actuality, the funding advantage for Democrats is much greater than what it appears on paper.

Let’s think about this further. Democrats use taxpayer money every single day of the year to buy (extort) votes from the American public to win political elections. State and federal governments spent nearly one trillion dollars this past year on anti-poverty spending. And the people who collect these monies overwhelmingly vote democratic. Sure, it is true the wealthy support Republicans, but there are only a few of them. Nearly half of the American populous receives some sort of government subsidy whereas the top 10% of earners pay for these benefits. To compound matters people collecting food stamps can have earnings 4 times higher than the poverty rate – hence, a large population qualifies for this subsidy.

In a recent election model I ran, the most conclusive reason as to why President Obama won reelection was due to food stamps. There was a high statistical significance between people voting for Obama and people collecting food stamps. Under Obama the food stamp program has doubled in both revenue and populous. And people collecting food stamps were more likely to turn up at the polls. In other words, Obama won the election by extorting votes by expanding entitlement spending. And he and liberals are attempting to do the same thing with ObamaCare.

What’s worse, the model I ran showed no statistical significance to other economic indicators. Unemployed or underemployed people were not more likely to vote for Romney. What this means is that people were okay with being unemployed as long as they continued to receive their welfare checks. Yes, that is right, welfare checks were more important to people than getting a job! Liberals understand this concept and use it to extort votes. It is hard to compete against a Party that has funding at its disposal equivalent to 7% of GDP to win elections.

And to compound matters, one trillion dollars in anti-poverty spending is enough money to completely wipe out poverty (15% of Americans who live below the poverty line). However, when Democrats spread the wealth around to 50% of the American public the result is that poverty continues to grow and persist, but the Democrats win more votes.

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  1. Nothing I can argue with here, Patrick. You've got the lefties pegged.