Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How ObamaCare Infringes on Our Freedoms and Rights

Liberals claim that healthcare is a right of all human beings. But ObamaCare, or for that matter any government run healthcare system, is the antithesis of supplying the populous a human freedom or right.

Nobody likes being told what to do or how to think. And this is what makes America great; everyone has the right or freedom to choose what they want do and how we think. ObamaCare takes away many of the freedoms we have because it takes away our right to choose. Here are several reasons as to why ObamaCare takes away our freedoms and rights:

  • ObamaCare rules and mandates dictate what healthcare coverage we must choose and therefore, cancels our plans of choice if they do not meet the criteria of the law. For instance, old people need to have maternity coverage and young people need to have mental and chronic disease coverage.
  • ObamaCare increases the cost of most insurance plans because it reduces competition, especially across state lines.
  • ObamaCare dictates, in many cases, what doctors and hospitals we must use.
  • ObamaCare decreases competition, and in many cases, people only have one or two insurance companies to choose from. In fact, ObamaCare is the first step to a single payer system in the U.S. And of course a government run single payer system will have absolutely no competition or choice for Americans to choose from. This is ironic since most liberals hate corporate monopolies and created the Sherman Antitrust Act to prevent such cases – another liberal hypocrisy.
  • ObamaCare fines people who choose not to have health insurance because they are young and healthy.
  • ObamaCare fails to treat Americans equally. One reason ObamaCare is over 2000 pages long is because there are many exceptions to laws, rules, mandates, and provisions within the law. For instance, people belonging to unions receive better coverage at lower rates than non-union members. In other words, the law picks winners and losers and that is not a freedom or right; that is an injustice and sham to win votes. There is no question that the winners from this law are the individuals, groups, and companies who had the money to pay for lawyers to lobby for them.

The bottom line is that ObamaCare is simply unfair to most Americans because it infringes on their right and freedom to choose healthcare insurance, doctors, and hospitals of their choice.

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  1. That's a good list but you forgot a very important one. As a wealth-transfer scheme, Obamacare steals from some Americans to pay for the healthcare of others. That infringes on our fundamental right to fruits of our own labor.