Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's the Point?

What’s the point or purpose of all the acting award shows? There are so many: The Academy Awards (Oscars), The Golden Globe Awards, The Screen Actor Guild Awards, The Teen Choice Awards, The Independent Spirit Awards, The MTV Awards, The TV Land Awards, The People’s Choice Awards, The Emmy Awards, and The BET Awards. And if you cannot win an award for doing a good job acting then you may win a Razzie at the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation. If this is not enough, there are awards for singing – The Tony Awards, The Grammy Awards, and the Country Music Awards. And of course there are award shows for sports – The ESPY Awards. What’s worse, all of these shows have many hours of one preshow after another whose purpose is to provide each individual attending their solo opportunity to walk on the red carpet spotlight.

There are no shows in the real world for the best doctor, engineer, lawyer, union worker, cook, waitress, meteorologist, accountant, painter, and so forth. If people do a good job they are generally rewarded with better pay, promotions, bonuses, and other perks. This is how the real world operates. So why does the music, acting, and sporting industries operate so differently? Why are these industries highlighted by dozens of award opportunities? I do not know the answer, but I will try to speculate.

First, Americans watch this garbage and as long we pay attention to these shows and they continue to receive strong ratings, they will continue to have these award shows. I do not watch them anymore partly because I almost always disagree with the choices for nominees and winners. These shows main purpose, in my opinion, is to provide these personalities the opportunity for self-promotion, bragging rights, righteousness, ego boasting, public relations, and to give them a forum to spew their political views. Most of the people attending these award shows have one in thing in common; they are liberal and are free to provide their ideological opinions without any debate at these events. They are merely preaching to the choir. This is the sad state of our narcissistic society. Everyone wants to be showered with gifts and awards for merely doing their job. There are so many awards it is hard to image anyone not receiving some sort of award or acknowledgment within the acting industry.

These events are sad; people should not expect awards and accolades for doing a good job. Is it that hard to expect each person will attempt to do the best they can at any particular job? I would hope so.

The winners usually get on stage and make a political statement about how they support our troops and talk about their charity work such as their efforts in Africa to wipe out genocide or to save our environment. The only criteria to win is that the individual’s views are politically correct which of course is to support the righteous liberal cause.

What disgusts me the most about these shows is the materialism which is on display. Each individual tries to outdo the others with expensive attire and jewels. Many of these performers do not even look real – they look plastic with their identities hidden behind tons of makeup and dozens of plastic surgeries. If these people really cared for others and about our environment more than their personal satisfaction of receiving an award, then they would donate all the money for these shows, attire, jewels, and cost for plastic surgeries to their causes. But that is not what happens because these people only care about one thing and that is their own self-gratification.

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