Monday, October 7, 2013

The Fear Mongering Obama Drama

Obama may be the only President who purposely tries to needlessly incite fear into the public and global markets. This past week Obama tried to spook the markets into a sell off saying Wall Street should be very worried and concerned with the shutdown and looming debt ceiling. Obviously, Obama has political motive for these unnecessary words – if he can get the markets to unravel then Republicans will give him what he wants – A clean federal budget bill.

Obama also tried to intimidate citizens by using a barricade to block Washington DC monuments that are in the open. He also placed guards outside of monuments to prevent people from entering. This is ridiculous and the only reason to do this is to make a political statement and catch the ire of the public.

Obama has done this in the past – remember how he preached that the U.S. economy was going to collapse if sequestration was instated. Well, it has been nearly year and the sky has not fallen. The sequestration only cut 85 billion of spending on a nearly 3 trillion dollar budget (less than 3%). Interestingly, the government shutdown has furloughed about 40% of all federal employees (800,000 workers out of about 2.1 million nationally). Of course this is bad news for these workers and their families. But Obama and Democrats do not want the government shutdown to last very long for one important reason. The American public might find out that the government operates just fine with only 60% of its employees on the job.

NASA has kept only 3% of its workforce (NASA, incidentally, is the most innovative government entity), Obama’s beloved EPA has decided only 6.5% of its workforce is essential for government operation, only 9.3% of the IRS was deemed essential, 10% of the Education Department, 18% of the Treasury Department, 20% of the Department of the Interior, and 22% of the Labor Department. On the other hand, 86% of all Department of Homeland Security employees were retained, 95% of Veterans Affairs employees remained on the job as did 100% of the State Department. If Americans become informed of this information and the government shutdown lasted a prolonged amount of time – then Americans may demand these cuts be made permanent.

Obama has been screaming for a “clean” budget bill. A clean bill means there are no amendments attached to it. But there is really no such thing as a clean bill anymore. ObamaCare and the Recovery Act for instance, which passed on a partisan basis, had several dozen amendments attached to the bill. Hence, even bills agreed to by one Party cannot even get through the bureaucracy of congress without an amendment. Obama has signed hundreds of bills riddled with earmarks, pork barrel spending, and carve outs. And now he expects something as large as a federal budget bill to get through congress without an amendment? Oh the drama portrayed by this hypocrite.

Obama has even claimed he is open to ideas to improve ObamaCare. He has claimed he has bent over backwards to work with Republicans. This is not true, and if Republican input was allowed on ObamaCare we would not be in this mess. There is bipartisan agreement amongst Congress to fix things in ObamaCare such as removing the medical device tax. This would be a middle ground compromise on the budget shutdown fiasco. But Obama and his fear mongering drama will not let his ego ever admit he made any mistakes. Instead, Obama is pushing forward with a very flawed law while at the same time he is warning the public and Wall Street the sky is falling (Yes, once again).

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