Monday, October 21, 2013

What Did We Learn From the Government Shutdown?

Not Much! Here are a few things I observed:

While politicians referred to each other as jihadists, terrorists, hostage holders, and a few other niceties, Obama and liberals came out in force against the nickname for the Washington Redskins. If “redskin” is a slur, then why have I heard Obama and Bob Costas use the term in the past? If they really believe this is a slur then they would refuse to say it, right? In any event, I am going to go all out and try to get name of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish changed – as an Irish American I am offended by this slur (of course I am kidding). It is just odd that Obama can talk about a slur at the same time he is demonizing and name calling others.

Over 90% of Americans were not affected at all by the shutdown. And the number would have been higher if Obama did not go out of his way (and spend taxpayer money) to inconvenience Americans by shutting down monuments that were in open space. Even worse, the shutdown did not include the death benefit for fallen soldiers families. Obama went out of his way to purposely inconvenience veterans and their families and use them as political pawns.

While the public mostly blamed Republicans for the shutdown, the President and liberal politicians also saw their approval numbers drop.

While Republicans caved to the Democrats, in the long run this will be better for the conservatives. Since ObamaCare is not delayed and no improvements were made to the law, chances are most Americans will feel the pain of this law. Not only is it hard to sign up for the law, but most families will see massive premium hikes. If that is not bad enough, many hospitals and medical facilities are laying off workers meaning less people will be available to care for a larger patient pool. Does anyone find it the least bit odd that Obama can use technology and metadata analysis to win elections by profiling all Americans, but the administration cannot even put together a website to enroll people into healthcare insurance plans? The bottom line is that ObamaCare will hurt Americans and this will be the one talking point Republicans can use to win in the midterm election and the next Presidential election. This is one example of how big government intrusion leads to more pain and suffering, fraud, waste, and bureaucracy that families will be able to relate to. Democrats may have won the shutdown fight, but ObamaCare will doom them as Americans will ultimately be the losers in this deal.

While most Americans saw the government shutdown as a bad thing with each side of the political spectrum blaming each other as obstructionists - I see it a different way. I see it as checks and balances to prevent either side from garnering too much power – that is it.

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