Friday, October 4, 2013

Obama Would Rather ……. Then Negotiate with Republicans

Sure, the media and public will side with Democrats over the budget (ObamaCare) fight. At least Bill Clinton negotiated with Republicans every day up to the 1996 shut down and thereafter until a deal was reached. Stopping ObamaCare for a year sounds like a good deal for everyone. FYI, I tried to get insurance quotes at: to test they system. Not only was the site tedious, it has since targeted my computer with tons of spam. All quotes I received where substantially higher than our current health insurance plan (which is not cheap). The website claims I would save thousands of dollars using their insurance plans. Instead, Obama would rather do the following than negotiate with Republicans over a budget:

  • Obama would rather negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Syrian government, Russia, and Iran than negotiate with Republicans over the budget. Yes, that is right, Obama will negotiate with terrorists, genocidal leaders, and rogue nations before dealing with Republicans.
  • Obama would rather campaign than negotiate with Republicans over a budget.
  • Obama would rather praise our enemies and chastise Republicans as being extremists.
  • Obama would rather use federal monies to implement ObamaCare at the expense of government workers losing their jobs.
  • Obama would rather go on overseas trips than negotiate with Republicans over the budget.
  • Obama would rather play basketball and golf than negotiate with Republicans over the budget.
  • Obama would rather lecture Republicans than negotiate with Republicans

There are many reasons Obama would opt for a government shutdown than negotiate with Republicans. First, history is on his side, the public general blames Republicans in these instances because they believe in a smaller federal government. Secondly, there is no better way to change the narrative from administration scandals: Fast and Furious, DOJ targeting, EPA targeting, IRS targeting, Syria, and Benghazi. Thirdly, with Obama’s approval numbers tanking, he has little to lose by going this route.

Ted Cruz may be portrayed as the villain by the media and public in this budget fight, but at least he is donating his salary to charity during this time. Every other politician, including the President, is getting paid.

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