Thursday, May 30, 2013

No Smoking Gun, But …… (Part I)

There may be no smoking gun with any of the many scandals plaguing the Obama administration, but there is enough circumstantial evidence to find this group of clowns guilty in a court of law. This administration has already admitted to guilt by incompetence and or by ignorance. This has to be very suspicious in its own right.

On Fast and Furious Holder and Obama claimed no knowledge of the gun running program that left a border agent dead as well as thousands of other civilians in the Mexican drug wars. If Obama and Holder had no knowledge of this operation than why are hiding behind executive privilege? And what’s worse, no one has gone to prison for the failed program. Incidentally, Obama and Democrats have pushed for new gun control laws including banning the same assault weapons the Fast and Furious program has put in the hands of dangerous drug cartels – this is hypocrisy at its worse.

On the AP and Fox News probe there is no other way to explain this action but it is a first amendment infringement by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Liberals who are first amendment fanatics would have to agree (especially how much they object to the Patriot Act – And these probes pushed the limits of the Patriot Act). Prosecuting Fox News’s James Rosen would put an end to the freedom of the press and would mean all journalists would be guilty for doing their jobs. What is troubling about this scandal is that the DOJ is targeting journalists and not the people guilty of supplying top secret national security information. One also has to wonder why the New York Times was not targeted since they obtained national security leaks about the cyber warfare used to slow Iran’s nuclear ambitions and information about the killing of Osama bin-Laden. Of course, the classified information printed by the NY Times made Obama look staunch on national defense and it would come as no surprise if the administration purposely leaked this information to provide the public with a favorable view of Obama.

The IRS targeting of conservative tax exempt groups is just creepy. This is big brother at work (Orwellian). Liberals brag about wanting equal protection and equal rights for all Americans. They do not want the government to profile terrorists and want equal rights for gays and entitlements for impoverished minorities. However, liberals only want equal rights to people who think the same way as they do. What makes this matter even more troubling is that the person in charge of the department who targeted conservative groups is now in charge of the new ObamaCare division of the IRS. Under oath, the IRS admitted they provide “poor customer service”. So what do they do – they promote the person who was guilty of targeting and poor customer service.

On Benghazi there is sufficient evidence to show that the administration and state department rewrote talking points twelve times to cover up their incompetence of failing to heed to the continuous warnings that our Benghazi embassy needed more security. However, the most glaring and inexcusable act made by the White House was their failure to send any help. Even if they did not think help would arrive on time, they still should have acted. If anything, the help could have secured the crime scene, which incidentally went ten days unsecured before the FBI arrived - and by that time the evidence had been compromised. If an American calls 9-11 for help, emergency vehicles and personnel must be dispatched. Law enforcement and or emergency vehicles are dispatched regardless as to whether or not they will get to the scene in time – it would be negligent otherwise. Besides, what ever happened to leaving no Americans behind in battle? And if Obama, our commander in chief is claiming ignorance when our country is being attacked by terrorists – this clearly says Obama is guilty of failing to do his job.

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  1. Good work here, Patrick. I don’t want to get ahead of you because I know there’s a part II coming but to continue the crime scene analogy let me just say this: when you put serial killers in charge of the dorms, don’t be surprised when a few coeds wind up dead. When lefties are in charge of the gov’t, the trampling of Constitutionally protected rights and disregard for the law is what we should expect.