Monday, June 3, 2013

No Smoking Gun, But …. (Part II)

The biggest piece of circumstantial evidence is that all these scandals were covered up until after the 2012 election cycle. Benghazi talking points were altered so as to not damage Obama’s campaign narrative that al-Qaida died with bin-Laden. Liberals claim that the IRS never denied any groups tax free exemption status, but that is not the point. Conservative groups’ applications were purposely delayed so they could not be a factor to raise money for the 2012 election cycle. The AP and Fox probes enabled the White House to keep an eye on their “enemies” in a Nixonian manner. And of course executive privilege has prevented Americans from knowing truth about the Fast and Furious exercise.

If someone went to jail in the Bush administration for outing a CIA agent then someone should be held responsible and sent to jail for each of these scandals which are much worse than any Bush so called scandal - including the firing of seven federal judges. Maybe Obama, Holder, and Clinton were ignorant because they did not know what was going on in their departments, but that is no excuse. In the private sector a CEO would be fired if his company was negligent, provided misinformation, used deceptive practices, targeted individuals, discriminated against individuals, and was overall ignorant and incompetent to its business practices. Just because there is no smoking gun it does not mean what this group of people did was appropriate or right. In fact, in many ways it just proves these individuals are not suited to perform the job function they were elected or selected to do. Only governments can get away with these practices and not be held accountable – it is no different than living in a dictatorship or communist country – especially if you can influence the outcome of elections. What Obama and his cast of characters have done is more damaging than what Nixon did. The Nixon cover-up and wire taps did not change the outcome of the 1972 election – Nixon won by a landslide. However, the 2012 election was much more competitive and it is conceivable if the truth were known than maybe 250 thousand people change their votes in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and Virginia to change the election outcome. The Obama administration and their actions should destroy public opinion for the government. However, Obama and his administration (with the help of the media) are great at changing the story narrative. They point to a recovering economy (which is also misinformation) or give more coverage to other tragedies such as the Oklahoma tornados.

Either way, the public and media will never hold Obama and his cast of characters responsible without a smoking gun. However, anyone with a lick of sense understands that criminals are convicted with less circumstantial evidence than what is available for the plethora of Obama scandals. And what’s worse, the Sergeant Schultz defense (I know nothing) is almost comical. In other words, it is acceptable for people who work for me to deceive, target, discriminate, harass, lie, and silence others so long as I am ignorant and I am not doing my job. This is absurd because unaccountable people are just as liable to be fired than those that are in the know. It is time to hold these morons accountable even without a smoking gun.


  1. >>"it is acceptable for people who work for me to deceive, target, discriminate, harass, lie, and silence others so long as I am ignorant and I am not doing my job."

    I think you summed up the Obama administration's mission statement perfectly!

  2. Thanks CW, as always I appreciate you stopping by.