Friday, June 7, 2013

Liberals Continue to Misinterpret Data (Part II)

Liberals, including the president, give a lot of lip service to the fact they are pro two spouse families. However, why would they want to change this outcome if 70% of single women vote the Democratic ticket? There is a direct correlation between single parent families and poverty, entitlement spending, crime, dependency, illiteracy, unemployment, underemployment, and host of other detrimental statistics. This is a growing electorate and they are addicted to government dependency – and Democrats would not want to do anything to change this. In 2013, state and federal anti-poverty programs will spend 1 trillion dollars and charities will add another 500 billion dollars to that total. That is enough money to provide each of 50 million people living below poverty 30 thousand dollars each. In other words, a family of 3 would net 90,000 dollars annually – nearly double the average median US family income. So where does all the money go? It is squandered on bureaucracy and red tape and just enough goes to poverty stricken families to keep alive to support the Democratic ticket. This is the vicious cycle of liberal policies where no one wins. Unfortunately, the liberal ideology premise is that we live in a Ponzi scheme society. We provide ourselves with trillions in unfunded liabilities at the same time the population of taxpayers is diminishing (54%). This will break; it is just a matter of time.

It is a sad state of affairs when we use one line of data to conclude that women in this country are doing great and gaining on those evil men. But this is what it come down to – an us versus them mentality to show that liberalism, progressivism, and feminism are winning in the U.S. and it all due to their socialistic ideology. Unfortunately anyone with a lick of commonsense can see that liberalism is the cancer destroying individuals, families, cities, states, and now nations. The Pew Poll along with 2010 Census data proves this fact.

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