Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cheating, Lying and Breaking the Law to win Elections

The media always talks about the way Republicans and conservatives try to intimidate minorities to win elections (like for instance requiring a picture ID to vote and purging voter lists of deceased individuals to curb voter fraud). This is nonsense! The minority voting rate and trend is growing much faster than other groups of people. One reason for this is due to new early voting and mail-in voting laws in most states which makes it more convenient to vote.

On the other hand, the media never covers how the liberal election machine works to steal elections. In 2008, it was uncovered how the liberal organization ACORN committed thousands of cases of fraud by illegally registering unqualified voters. The outcome was ACORN was forced to rebranded itself into a bunch of smaller entities – no one was prosecuted. During the 2008 election, at precincts in the Philadelphia area, the Black Panther Party had individuals with clubs guarding the outside of voting locations. What was the outcome – the DOJ never pursued any charges against these people.

In 2012, the election appeared as if it could be a close one. This was obviously a concern to the Obama administration and hence, they began to lie, cheat, and conduct illegal operations to win. We have already learned that the administration purposely misled the American public about the Benghazi attack. If the truth behind the attack come forward prior to the election Americans would have learned that al-Qaida is alive and well (this would contradict the Obama campaign narrative that al-Qaida died along with bin-Laden). Americans would have also learned the administration was negligent in the attack and not only denied the Libya embassy the more security they requested, they reduced it. Americans would have learned that Libyans who brought Ambassador Stevens to a hospital were not good Samaritans, but they were complicit in the attack and were setting up an ambush. And finally, if all this is not bad enough, most people forget that Obama went to war unilaterally in Libya and the weapons he supplied the revolutionists were used to attack our Embassy.

Just when I thought this administration could not stoop any lower, they have. Now we have learned the IRS specifically targeted non-profit conservative groups. Specifically, groups who had the following phrases in their names were illegally audited by the IRS: Patriots”, “9/12″, “We the People”, “Take Back the Country”, “Political action type organizations involved in limiting/expanding government, educating on the constitution and bill of rights, social economic reform/movement”, "Issues include Government spending, Government debt, or taxes”, Education via advocacy/lobbying to “make America a better place to live.”, “Criticizing how the country is being run.” Obama says he is “outraged” by this and has “no tolerance” for this behavior. We’ll see, but I am sure this investigation will yield similar results as others conducted under Obama such as Fast and Furious and Benghazi where no one has been brought to justice. I am sure this investigation will be as slow as the implementation of ObamaCare, the closing of Guantanamo, and Obama’s “redline” with Syria. I mean are we really supposed to believe that this was carried out by low level IRS employees without the knowledge of higher ups and the Obama administration? If this is true, it only proves that government is too big. The same can be said about Benghazi, if Clinton or Obama was really not in the know – it proves government is too big. But, remember, Obama and this administration joked about using the IRS to audit adversaries and generated a website for Americans to “snitch” on their neighbors who disagree with the administrations ideas. Finally, the DOJ was illegally monitoring AP reporter's business and personal phone calls. Face it, Obama is just as paranoid as Nixon and would have done anything to protect his super ego – including breaking the law to win elections.

Remember, this is the same administration who openly accepted campaign contributions illegally from foreign sources. Where is the IRS investigation into this!


  1. >>"Cheating, Lying and Breaking the Law to win Elections"

    You forgot the biggest of them all - buying votes with taxpayer money in the form of welfare, food stamps, unemployment and Obamacare.

    The media doesn't cover the liberal election machinge because they are part of it.

    1. CW, right you are, all valid points that I neglected to cover. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.