Friday, May 3, 2013

Obama’s Rocky Second Term Start (Part I)

To celebrate Obama’s first 100 days of his second term, let’s look at the liberal’s crowing achievements (low lights) thus far:

Gun Control: The Obama administration politicized the Newtown Connecticut massacre to push for gun control, which eventually failed. Obama predictably carried on like a baby when his ploy failed by berating and chastising Republicans for his failed policy. Obama insists that Americans should not judge Muslims for the actions of a few when it comes to terrorism. I agree, but the same can be said about gun control – it is hard to penalize the majority for the actions of few insane persons. Besides, the gun control legislation proposed by the Senate would not have prevented past or future gun violence since the Obama administration only prosecutes less than 1% of falsified gun permit applications (a violation of federal law). Therefore, until the federal government gets its act together and enforces federal laws, there is little chance any new laws will prevent future violence. Also, the proposed legislation did nothing to address mental illness which is the main culprit behind mass killings – not guns. Below is a good example of a gun violence cause that I found (it is sarcastic but it makes a point):



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