Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Obama’s Rocky Second Term Start (Part III)

Terrorism has been a colossal failure by the Obama administration, especially over the past eight months. Here are some administration blunders:

Boston Bombings: Let’s review the missteps of this administration as well as local and federal authorities that could have prevented this terrorist attack. First, Russia warned the U.S. the elder Tsarnaev brother was suspected of being involved with radical Islamic forces in the Chechnya region of Russia. Secondly, once federal authorities began to treat the younger Tsarnaev brother as a U.S. criminal he lawyered up and shut up. Thirdly, it was recently uncovered that Saudi Arabia also sent a written letter to Homeland Security warning them that the elder Tsarnaev brother was a Jihadist. Fourthly, local authorities failed to question the elder Tsarnaev brother in the triple homicide in which one of the dead was Tsarnaev’s best friend. Fourthly, the United States granted the Tsarnaev brothers citizenship in 2009. And finally, the U.S. federal government provided the Tsarnaev brothers and family over 100 thousand dollars in welfare since 2009. Promoters of Jihad push for followers to collect welfare and use their time to plot terror activities while living off the wealth of others. To make matters worse, the elder Tsarnaev brother was collecting welfare when he was in Chechnya for six months. The bottom line is that there was enough activity for authorities to use the Patriot Act to check into the elder Tsarnaev brother’s life. A sure sign that federal authorities dropped the ball was when they posted pictures of the Tsarnaev brothers on TV looking for tips on how to identify who they were after the bombings. Even if federal authorities did like they said, checked into the elder Tsarnaev brother past and found no wrong doing – there still should have been a file on him and his picture should have been identified using facial recognition. This would have saved the life of the MIT police officer who was killed while authorities tried to identify the Tsarnaev brothers. The fact the government had no clue of the elder Tsarnaev brother’s identity only shows they did not investigate Tsarnaev at all – if they did there would be a record of such.

Benghazi: It has been nearly eight months since four Americans including Ambassador Stevens had been murdered. Yet, there have been no arrest in the attack despite the fact the entire act was filmed. First, the administration and State Department lied about the attack calling it a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Muslim film and claimed it was not a terrorist act. Secondly, it was uncovered that then Secretary of State Clinton lied under oath that she had no knowledge of persistent requests for more security at the Benghazi embassy. Now, the administration is trying to prevent government whistleblowers from testifying about the attack. To this day the number of people wounded in the attack and their identities had been withheld – why haven’t these people been allowed to testify? Also, the whistleblowers in this case would testify to the fact that lives would have been saved if Obama ordered in reinforcements from Europe. However, Obama was too busy going to Las Vegas on a campaign trip to make the call. This would also refute earlier testimony made under oath that there was nothing they (administration or State Department) could have done to help save American lives in that attack. Remember, this is the same Obama administration who claims to be the most transparent administration in history. And this is the same administration who rewards whistleblowers (and provides them legal counsel) in the private sector.

Guantanamo: Obama claims that he still intends to keep his promise and close Guantanamo Bay – a promise he said would have been completed over 3 years ago. This is one promise that Obama may eventually be able to keep – but it will be long after he is out of office. Since the Obama plan on terror is to take no prisoners of war, but instead is to kill them, eventually there will be no need for Guantanamo or for enhanced interrogation techniques (since there will be no more prisoners). I find it odd that this President and liberals feel it is a civil violation to conduct enhanced interrogation techniques on enemy combatants and to prevent them from having civilian trials, but it is okay to kill unarmed terrorists? How is that not a violation of their civil liberties? Besides, dead terrorists provide our intelligence community no information to thwart future attacks which makes this president’s strategy a very bad one.


  1. But don't forget, Patrick - Obama gets credit for killing Bin Laden because other brave people did that on his watch. Plus you can get a free Obamaphone, so stop complaining!

    1. I forgot about the Obamaphone. I actually heard that lady had a change in heart about Obama - maybe she was expecting other free things he did not deliver on. Yes, Obama wants and expects credit for everything that goes his way but expects others to be blamed for everything that does not go his way.