Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why Do Americans Loathe the Federal Government?

Why do Americans loathe the federal government? One reason is that people deplore being told what to do. In fact; it is human nature to push back and refuse to cooperate when faced with authoritative figures and demands. This behavior starts at a very early age when children often attempt to defy the commands of their parents. The media tries to spin everything by claiming Americans angry with the government are bigots and racists who detest having an African-American in the White House. Even conservative pundits spin liberals’ wartime protests as being unpatriotic or un-American. Sure, it is true that a small fraction of Americans may be racists or un-American, but most Americans do not like the government interfering in their lives.

What is particularly disturbing to Americans and one reason they deplore government intervention is because the government is hypocritical. The government continually dictates its policies and agenda on the American people, but they do not play by the same rules. When most Americans are struggling to ends meet, government workers are receiving raises at the expense of the taxpayer meanwhile, the federal government is going further into debt. Liberals loathed the Bush administration for what they viewed as their abuse of power to protect Americans including two wars and the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Conservatives loathe the Obama administration for their abuse of power leading to a larger and fiscally irresponsible government including the appointment of czars, wasteful stimulus spending, incoherent financial reform, and a complete takeover of our healthcare system.

Even as children we learned that our parents’ authority over us was at times hypocritical. They told us not to drink and smoke, while they abused these substances. In fact, we learned that our parents could be fairly irresponsible people. At the same time we constantly read and saw news stories where politicians, corporate leaders, and even our police have abused their positions of authority. This is why we grow up with a lack of trust for any authoritative figures. The bottom line is what Americans want are politicians and other leaders to be trustworthy, dependable, and responsible.

There is one thing leaders can do to earn the trust and respect of their subordinates – lead by example. It is that simple. If the Obama White House stopped having lavish parties during a recession; if Nancy Pelosi flew home using commercial airlines; if Obama presided over the Gulf Oil spill the same way Sebastian Pinera presided over the trapped miner disaster; if leaders risked their lives on the frontlines with soldiers; if leaders would only roll up their sleeves and not be afraid to get dirty; if leaders simply put themselves in the shoes of the common American they would earn respect, admiration, and trust. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen anytime soon. So no, Americans angry with the government are not racists or un-American, they merely want leaders who lead by example and not to be the exception to the laws and policies they enact (For instance, Obamacare exempts politicians from having to buy the same health insurance they are forcing American citizens to buy).

Think about it; what if Obama’s solution for Americans unable to afford health insurance was to create a national charity instead of 2500 page monstrosity of a bill that turns the entire healthcare industry upside down. This charity would collect billions because Americans are the most generous people in the world and they love helping people in need. But instead, Obama and liberals passed a bill that forces Americans to pay health insurance mandates and fines. And we are supposed to be surprised that Americans are angry and pushing back? Sure, the charity is not a cure all, but it will help alleviate part of the problem without angering millions.

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  1. Just to note, Pat, that no man is a subordinate to a congressman, a prexy, or even a Supreme. I am sovereign and subject to no one without my expressed consent.

  2. Good post, Patrick.

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I loathe the Federal Gov’t because – as a conservative – I accept the fact of human nature. This fact leads me to understand that some people will be drawn to the Gov’t because they want power for their own selfish purposes, and they will abuse the power made available to them.

    And yet, what choice do we have? Gov’t is inevitable. It is going to exist in one form or another, so we will always be fighting this fight.

  3. thanks CW. I have talked about, in the past, other reasons for disliking the federal government such as power grabs, poor policy etc. This time, I tried to hit a reason that could connect with all people. I am sure many liberals must be upset with Obama's excessive partying, golfing etc - that is not leadership by example. But you are right, we are stuck with these clowns.