Monday, April 16, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (4/16/12)

Economy – Job growth slowed to 120 thousand new jobs in March, but the fictional unemployment rate dropped to 8.2%. The unemployment rate is fictitious because a record number of Americans are not in the labor force: nearly 88 million.

Unions - Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa is making an effort to give workers the opportunity to come forward about being forced into joining a labor union and paying dues that go to causes they may not support.

The Biggest Loser - First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on an episode of "The Biggest Loser" this past week. The Obama’s are becoming the king and queen of reality and late night talk shows.

Oil – Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, said in an interview that America will have to pay more for Canadian oil imports in the future due to Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone Pipeline.

Federal Budget - Newly appointed Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough, whom Harry Reid recommended for the job, has decided that last summer’s deal on the debt ceiling and spending caps does not preclude the Senate from taking up other budget resolutions this year.

Global Economic Collapse – MIT researches claim most of the computer scenarios found population and economic growth continuing at a steady rate until about 2030. Without "drastic measures for environmental protection," the scenarios predict the likelihood of a population and economic crash by 2030. My models show global government debt will cause a global economic calamity long before critical resources are depleted.

9-11 - Accused September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four suspected co-conspirators were ordered to stand trial before a Guantanamo war crimes tribunal. Where is the liberal media coverage and outrage over this?

Social Darwinism – Democrats new catch phrase is to accuse Republicans of “Social Darwinism”. Yes, the party of science is accusing those bible thumping conservatives of adhering to evolution. If Democrats really believe in the theory of evolution and science, they would understand they cannot alter climate change or end poverty simply by throwing trillions of dollars at the problem. Money cannot reverse evolution.

Muslim Brotherhood - White House officials held talks with representatives of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in Washington last week. The Islamist group is on record supporting Sharia Law and the destruction of Israel.

God Bless America – A Massachusetts school has changed the lyrics of “God Bless the USA” to “We Love the USA” (Lee Greenwood song).

Solyndra - Federal financial experts weren’t consulted on a half-billion federal loan to a failed solar company until the last minute, and only then had “about a day” to complete their review, an internal watchdog concluded this past week. What’s worse, the Energy Department said it expects to begin tentatively approving new taxpayer-backed loans for renewable energy projects in the coming months.

DOJ – Eric Holder defended Obama’s attacks on the Supreme Court when he not only claimed it is “Judicial Activism” if they overturn ObamaCare, but insinuated they had no right to overturn any congressional legislation.

Howard Dean – In an interview last week Howard Dean went on a rant claiming Republicans hate everyone (Muslims, Gays, Women, Minorities, etc. etc.)


  1. Great update, Patrick!

    I’m so far behind now it’s not funny.

    I like to think I keep up with the news but the “lowlights” always hold a lot of surprises for me. In the instance of time I won’t comment on them all but you probably know what I would say anyways. :)

  2. CW, I do believe we pretty much know where each other stands on issues. It is just insane how much crazy stuff is going on.