Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Are We so Polarized?

Why are we so polarized as a nation over political ideologies? Simply put, we have become a nation of problem creators and not a nation of problem solvers. One of my life philosophies is that everyone has the right to express their first amendment liberties by protesting and complaining about any cause, problem, or issue they wish. However, there is one caveat; people who use these liberties must also provide “reasonable” solutions to the problem or issue they are protesting. Unfortunately, this very rarely happens.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) believe the only “reasonable” solution to their cause is for all Americans to quit eating fish and animals. Is this really reasonable? Without meats and fish there would be a food shortage around the globe of epic proportions (I have created the model and done the math). India is prime example of a society that does not eat meat and their malnutrition rate is massive. Environmentalists’ only “reasonable” solution to climate change is to tax carbon emissions and destroy U.S. corporations. This is not a reasonable solution, but instead a very narrow minded and potentially destructive plan.

Pro Amnesty groups on illegal immigration have routinely protested their cause by burning the American Flag, defacing public and private property, and defecating in public. How is promoting their cause in an intelligent way? These actions only push more Americans further away from their cause.

A Christian pastor’s solution to the 9/11 mosque proposal is to burn the Koran. Pro-gay rights group’s solution to push their cause is to perform disrespectful sexual acts in a church. Another group’s solution to the Afghanistan conflict is to disrespect fallen soldiers by protesting at their funerals. These are not “reasonable” solutions to any problem. They are divisive acts that polarize Americans further.

We are nation of people who are incapable of analyzing complex problems and are therefore, indoctrinated by a few uniformed fanatics. The masses follow these few fear mongering fanatics whose only contribution to a national problem is to pour gas on it instead of offering “reasonable” solutions. People believe every piece of drivel that comes out the mouths of Glenn Beck or Al Gore. And those that do not believe what they preach label them as haters or Nazi’s. How is this reasonable behavior? A media columnist such as Paul Krugman, who is an award winning economist, also has flawed analytical abilities. I have yet to see him back any of his concepts with linear regression models of economic data to support his beliefs that more government spending is the solution to an economic recession. Another life philosophy to live by: if someone cannot show and explain their data (Gore and Krugman) then their ideas and concepts should be ignored.

If individuals do not have the capacity to research problems and issues and offer “reasonable” solutions, then they should keep quiet. I am not the smartest guy because I have a well below average IQ. However, I am able to evaluate data and statistics to draw my own conclusions while offering reasonable solutions. If I can do this, anyone can do this. Many people complain they do not have the time to do an in depth analysis of economic or scientific data, then they should keep quiet. After all, we all cannot be “know it alls” on every subject.

It would be nice if we could become a nation of educated problem solvers instead of bunch of uninformed “know it alls” that love to complain about our national problems but offer no “reasonable” solutions. Unfortunately, our great nation’s overall intellect, innovation, and problem solving skills are digressing. Thus, expect our national polarity over political ideologies to get much worse over the coming years.

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  1. The nation of educated problem solvers is "polarized" because our core principles are irreconcilable and mutually-exclusive. That was America's situation in 1860 (liberty and equality as humans versus. slavery) and is America's situation today (unalienable natural rights, individual sovereignty, and the rule of law versus progressivism).

    There was a horrific battle in the 1860s and there will either be one in the 2010s or one side will seek an exit strategy.

  2. I agree,there will be a big battle in the next few years.