Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Liberal War on Women (Part III)

The Obama expansion of welfare is done for one reason: to buy votes. Welfare is never going to amount to enough money to pull anyone out of poverty – and that is by design. This is another way to divide and conquer the U.S. electorate and win votes. Does welfare help some hard working Americans overcome a tough time? Absolutely. But does welfare addict young women and single moms to governance? Yes, and that is its purpose. Democrats are less interested in using welfare revenues to clean up inner cities that would enable the economy to recover and provide real jobs to its residents. That would not be an ideal situation for Democrats because people who can think for themselves and who are not addicted to government are less likely to vote for them. So welfare over reconstruction of inner cities wins. How is this ideal for women and children – keeping them slaves to poverty in their run down broken economies of inner cities? Crime, drug addiction, bad health, and a low life expectancy awaits them.

Obama and Democrats want to accept tens of thousands of Syrian refugees but admits the United States does not have the means to do credible background checks. Terrorists posing as Syrian refugees killed hundreds in a terrorist attack in Paris and perpetuated attacks in Turkey and Indonesia. Syrian refugees raped dozens of women in Germany and Sweden because diversity laws do not make them assimilate to native laws. Still, Obama and liberals alike want to welcome these folks with open arms. Our immigration system failed miserably in preventing the San Bernardino terrorist attack, who has confidence it will prevent terrorists from entering our nation posed as Syrian refugees? This policy is more dangerous for American women, because Muslim extremists have very little regard for women’s rights of any kind.

Obama is releasing new executive orders on gun control. None of these new rules would have prevented any past mass shooting. Sure, things like background checks to purchase firearms makes sense. Unfortunately, the DOJ prosecutes fewer than 1% of all cases where people failed background checks or filed falsified background checks – so it is useless. It is just a “dog and pony show” to make it look like liberals actually care and are doing something about gun violence. Hence, the outcome of Obama gun control laws would only make it more difficult for law abiding women and Americans to get the firearms they need to protect themselves from the onslaught of liberal policy.

There is a war on women and it is not on their reproductive system. It is a liberal policy war on women that puts their right to life in jeopardy. Why? Because liberals will do anything necessary to win an election, even if it means putting you at risk. It all starts by placing a wedge between Americans and segregating them into hyphenated categories. And then doing anything necessary to paint opponents as prejudice, bigots, or racists. Democrats are dividing and conquering the U.S. electorate using propaganda such as the War on Women (that conservatives want to take away women’s reproductive rights); police are profiling blacks; and conservatives hate the poor and Muslims. This is Obama’s new America. This is his Hope and Change. Does any of this sound familiar? It is what is referred to as “critical theory” hypothesized under the founder of socialism - the Karl Marx school of thought. Unfortunately, Americans have become too narcissistic to understand the big picture. Most only care about what’s in it for them. That is how welfare works. It works to buy votes, but it does very little to lift people out of poverty. Liberal policies are not just polarizing, but they are dangerous and putting our lives at risk –especially women and children.

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