Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Liberal War on Women (Part II)

Other liberal policies, on the other hand, can put the lives of women and children at risk for crime and even death. Consider liberal assimilation policies. In fact, liberals who push for diversity laws are against assimilation policies of any kind. Liberal goals are to divide Americans into voting blocs instead of uniting the country. That is why we are no longer considered Americans, but hyphenated Americans: Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, Muslim-Americans, African-Americans, Native-Americans, Female-Americans, and so forth. When Americans are divided into hyphenated groups, it is easy to use the race card and call an adversary a bigot or prejudice to win a debate. The result of such policies are dangerous, and the dangers can be witnessed under Obama’s rule. Without assimilation, the result will eventually be anarchy and liberals do not understand these dangers.

Under Obama’s rule race relations in America have deteriorated dramatically. For instance, Black Lives Matters argues that only black lives matter and that is it. No other life is worth protecting or saving. Heck, according to Black Lives Matter, most black lives do not matter either. In Chicago, for example, the only black life that mattered this past years is the one that was unjustly killed by police (Laquan McDonald) – all the black on black crime that killed hundreds last year was never brought into question. Where does such distasteful behavior and disgraceful rhetoric originate? At the top with Obama! Obama incites African-Americans by only mentioning white on black crime, police on black crime, and discusses the injustices of the judicial system that incarcerates far more minorities. The result: violence. Violent protests, violent crime at its highest level in decades in most major cities, and violent crime against the police. I ask you, is this an ideal environment for women or children?

In an effort to level the playing field in prisons, Obama has granted clemency to over 6,000 inmates. Yes, these inmates are supposed to be non-violent, but studies indicate most criminals (nearly 80%) will commit more serious crimes within two years of being released from prison. Obama and liberals also support more lenient sentences to most crimes, especially drug crimes. In fact, Obama fails to enforce federal statutes for marijuana in states that legalized the drug. Is this making our neighborhoods safer for women and children?

Obama wants to omit the question on employee applications that asks “Are you a felon?” Obama wants to make it easier for felons to get jobs in your workplace. Obama and Democrats want to make it legal for felons to vote. Why? Because 62 percent of all incarcerated individuals claim to be Democrats whereas, only 9 percent claim to be Republicans. This is why liberals want lenient penalties for criminals – they want them out of prison so they can vote for liberal candidates. That is right, liberals will place a vote above your safety. And don’t forget, Liberals want leniency for the worst kind of predators – those that victimize women and children.

Obama refuses to secure our borders, sues states that have strong anti-immigration laws, and protects sanctuary cities. This policy leaves our borders open to terrorists and drug warlords. It protects illegal alien criminals in sanctuary cities and leads to avoidable crimes such as the killing of Kate Steinle. What do her reproductive rights matter if her right to life is not protected?

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