Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Liberal War on Women (Part I)

When you think of war, you think of high potential of bodily harm and constant danger. Women (feminists) believe the war on women has to do with reproductive rights (not bodily harm or danger): The right to an abortion and the right to contraception. The Supreme Court has ruled on abortion making it legal. Dozens of kinds of contraception are available over the counter or with a prescription. Yet, feminists are brain washed into believing that conservatives want to take away their abortion rights and contraception. The main issue conservatives have is they do not want abortion and contraception to be paid for by public funding. Moreover, most conservatives concede abortions under unique circumstances are acceptable: a crime (rape) or the health of the mother. Even religious groups have very little issue with contraception except for those types like the morning after pill that can abort a fetus. No one is trying to take away the reproductive rights of Female-Americans, they just want them to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

Here is a quick fact: Abortions will cause more bodily harm and danger to the woman than child birth. Yet, liberals are against any measure such as sonograms that may give the mother a second thought about having an abortion. Studies indicate that women who have aborted a child will suffer later in life from mental acuity issues from the traumatic experience of abortion, much more intense than any postpartum depression.

Abortions are commonly used in countries like China where there one child policy has led to the deaths of millions of female fetuses. Social stigmas pressure families to want a boy, not a girl for their one child. In the U.S., Planned Parenthood aborts tens of thousands of babies each year. What’s worse, Planned Parenthood profiteers from selling fetal tissue. Hence, the organization has no reason to try to counsel women, which could potentially reverse their decision on the procedure.

If abortion and contraception are rights, then what about the rights of male reproductive organs. Is a vasectomy a right? The Supreme Court ruled in Beck v. Bell that sterilization was legal. Should the government pay for this? And if it is legal to kill a fetus, how far away are we from legalizing (making it a right) the killing of humans through euthanasia? What requirements must a person meet to qualify for euthanasia? Will the government be responsible for these costs? We are on a slippery slope.

Let’s face facts, Female-American equal protection rights are “more equal” than Male-American rights. Male’s do not have rights for their reproductive organs. The government spends billions more protecting female reproductive rights including cancer research. Heck, females are considered diverse in the work place and are protected by affirmative action laws. Where is the war?

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