Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Federal Government Expansion Through Rationing

Both parties are guilty of the growth of the Federal Government. However, there is a distinct difference in points of view. The Republicans want to grow national security (border agents, agencies to fight terror, the military, etc.) to protect our freedoms, rights, and liberty. On the other hand, Democrats want to grow the federal government to infringe on our freedoms, rights, and liberty. The Democrats main focus is on rationing. That sounds strange that the government is expanding through rationing policies, but it is true.

Consider climate change as a good example of rationing. The goal is to ration carbon emissions. Thus, the government, in particular the EPA, places and enforces rules, regulations, and mandates on companies and individuals. It is a matter of time before the government provides each American with a “carbon footprint” identity card. We will have to use the card for every purchase in particular for heating, cooling, mass transportation travel, and so forth. The government will place a carbon footprint cap on everyone except for politicians and the President of course.

Rationing can also be seen as the government places more restrictions on guns. For massive gun control to work, the government will have to expand to enforce such measures.

In fact, federal rationing is everywhere! Consider socialism and welfare programs. Wealth is rationed and that transfer of money happens in the form of taxes and is then applied to anyone of several thousand anti-poverty programs. Obama-Care will ration healthcare just how Medicare has rationed healthcare for the elderly. Education is being rationed – trade schools are gone. Arts, music, geography, and history are rationed so educators can teach to a mandated test for reading, writing, and math.

Government rationing is also looking at controlling what we buy, what we eat, and where we do it. For instance, the government wants to ration how many calories intake, how much sugar we intake, how much meat we intake (related to carbon emissions), and how many carbs we ingest. The government can ration land through eminent domain. The government even rations farmers on how much of certain crops they can grow – and reimburses them for doing so.

Sure, Democrats have expanded a few rights such as marriage and of course there is no limit on the number of abortions a person can have. Now that is progress for you, the government rations our wages (taxes), rations what we can eat, rations our guns, rations our healthcare, rations our carbon footprint, but it is okay to kill as many unborn as you want! And what’s worse, the more government places restrictions on rationing, the more the federal government grows and hence, the more the federal government needs to ration our wealth. It is a vicious cycle.

Rationing is the biggest intrusion into our freedoms, rights, and liberties. But it is the most effective way to grow government. Hence, propaganda and fearmongering are used to make us believe it is in our best interest to comply with rationing. Every bad weather event is due to manmade climate change and every gun death could have been prevented with gun control. Unfortunately, most of us are none the wiser to these deceptions and lies.

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