Sunday, July 27, 2014

Obama: The Worst 6 Month Stretch in Presidential History (Part I)

Year 5 to 5.5 of the Obama presidency has to be one of the worst 6 month stretches in American presidential history. Even if an educated person delved into the good economic news, they will find some very discouraging trends. First, the GDP in the first quarter was -3%. Secondly, a great portion of the new jobs added to the economy are part-time positions and lower paying jobs. History will eventually prove ObamaCare is the culprit that can be blamed for turning more jobs into part-time positions in U.S. history. Thirdly, the job growth coincides with the GOP Congressional move to finally end “extended” unemployment benefits. And finally, the U.S. labor force participation remains at pre-1980 levels.

Foreign policy is a mess. Obama agreed to let Assad and Putin to exterminate Syria citizens so long as they do not do it using chemical weapons. Iraq is now a heaven for the terrorist group ISIS and is in worse shape than when Saddam Hussain ran the country. The U.S. has left Afghanistan with the Taliban in control of most of the country. And if that is not bad enough Israel and Palestine are back at war. Other foreign policy moves by the White House were just as puzzling such as the administration trading the top 5 Taliban generals held in Guantanamo along with funding for a lone traitor soldier who cost the lives of several U.S. service men – Bowe Bergdahl. U.S – German relations are at an all-time low since it was uncovered that the NSA was spying on Prime Minister Merkel’s communications. Now Germany is asking the U.S. for the dismissal of the CIA station chief. And in another inept maneuver a White House staffer gave away the identification of the Afghanistan CIA station chief.

The Southern U.S. has been turned into both a humanitarian and national security crisis. More than 50,000 unaccompanied minors have illegally crossed into the U.S. telling us a few simple things. First, and most importantly, the border is not secure. Secondly, border agents dealing with children only leaves our border more vulnerable to drug lords and terrorists. And finally, this is a crisis created by an executive order issued by Obama stating that minors of illegal aliens could earn U.S. citizenship through amnesty. To complicate matters, the President refuses to lead and visit the Southern border. Obama says he is not about “photo ops”. In fact, that is all Obama is about: campaigning and consequently photo ops.

The IRS scandal is getting worse. An agent was fired for campaigning for Obama and the targeting of conservative charitable groups is becoming more blatantly obvious that this was indeed political with ties to Senators and possibly the White House. What did we learn: Subpoenaed emails from the former head of the non-profit department at the IRS, Lois Lerner, were lost. One 2013 email from Lerner warns staffers to be careful what they write in emails because Congress can read them. Lerner then asks the head of the IRS IT Department what types of correspondence is not saved and cannot be viewed by Congress. This can only suggest that Lerner, who pleaded the fifth at a Congressional hearing, does indeed have a lot to hide and there is a cover up within the IRS. Nobody would worry about email content if they were not also interested in learning how to cover up email content. Remember, Obama said that there was not a “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS.

We also learned a lot more about the Benghazi scandal. First, the president was not in the situation room when the attack occurred on the U.S. embassy in Libya and secondly, the talking point cover up went directly to Press Secretary (Jay Carney) at the White House.

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