Sunday, July 20, 2014

If Obama Where a Republican, Liberals Would Want Him Impeached!

Let’s face facts that over half of all Americans only care if a President has an R or D next to his name. They could care less about his policy or if the President is hypocrite. But many Obama policies are Bush policies on steroids. And some other Obama practices are Nixon practices on steroids. The Nixon practices got him impeached and liberals called for the impeachment of Bush for policies that Obama has not only embraced, but has expanded.


· Obama escalated the War in Afghanistan copying the Bush surge tactic used in Iraq. It failed and the media refuses to show daily body counts as they did in Iraq.

· Obama went to War unilaterally in Libya. Within months, arms supplied to Libya rebels were used to attack “Western sites” including our embassy in Benghazi killing four Americans. To make matters worse, the administration lied to the American public to cover up the fact this was a terrorist act.

· Obama escalated drone warfare exponentially leading the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians the mainstream media fails to cover.

· Obama let guns walk to Mexico in the Fast and Furious program. The DEA was to track the guns to catch drug cartels. The DEA lost track of the weapons and they have been used to kill hundreds of Mexican citizens as well as one U.S. border agent.

Civil Liberties:

· Obama has improved the civil liberties for enemy combatants including giving them every right afforded under our constitution.

· Obama has tried to decrease the civil liberties for Americans including our fourth amendment rights which the Supreme Court has defended time and time again unanimously (9-0).

· No President has a worse average in losing cases before the Supreme Court; especially cases decided unanimously 9-0. And let’s not forget Obama is supposed to be a Constitutional lawyer.

· Obama is the first president ever to order the killing of American citizens without due process.


· Obama expanded the NSA spying program to include all information between every American and even between our allied leaders.

· Obama tried to expand surveillance of the Patriot Act to include placing GPS trackers on cars and tracking cell phones of people not even suspected of a crime.

· Obama leaked the name of the CIA station chief in Afghanistan. Remember, Scooter Libby went to prison for leaking the name of a CIA desk jockey in Virginia – Valarie Plame. I wonder if Sean Penn will make a movie about this blunder?

Economic Policy:

  • Obama continued bank bailouts and automaker bailouts.
  • Obama continued to be a big deficit spender.
  • Bush passed the medicaid prescription drug law, Obama passed ObamaCare.
  • Bush had “No CHild Left Behind”, Obama has the “Race to the Top”.

Enemies List:

· Obama has used the DOJ, EPA, and IRS to punish conservative enemies. The DOJ targeted conservative journalists, the EPA targeted conservative energy groups, and the IRS targeted conservative non-profit groups. Amazingly, the emails of those subpoenaed have been lost. This sounds a lot like the paranoid Nixon and what eventually forced him to resign when he was caught wiretapping Democrat headquarters.

These are all policies and practices that liberals despised about Bush and Nixon. Yet, they stick by Obama even though he has escalated these policies because he has a D next to his name.

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  1. There's definitely no shortage of hypocrisy these days, Patrick. To me it simply proves that democrats were completely insincere in their outrage directed at George Bush. Those who have stood on principle and called Obama out for the sins they thought Bush was guilty of are very few and far between.