Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Unions and Gangs

I am certainly not going to categorize unions in the same classification as street gangs, but there are many disturbing similarities. My wife, who is a teacher, despises unions and is the one that brought these similarities to my attention. Recently, my wife had a meeting with the district superintendent over the new tenure rules in Colorado since it affected her status. She told the superintendent “I do not care about tenure, if I am not doing my job fire me. No one should be protected when they are doing a bad job whether they have been working days as a teacher or 35 years.” A lot of her resentment towards unions started in her childhood when she saw her father being driven to work in the back of vans to protect his identity because he crossed the picket line. She saw the violence too as one of their neighbors was shot on his door step. So it should come as no surprise that she brought these similarities to me.

  • Both unions and gangs work to kill jobs. No small businesses will open its doors in areas where gang violence is high and likewise, unions make it harder for companies to compete globally.
  • Both unions and gangs prey on the weak. It is not surprising most gang members and even union members come from less education or a lower socioeconomic status. Gangs and unions invite people to become members of their “brotherhood” with false promises of security and protection. They brainwash people and rob them of any independent thought (and of course their money). And if you refuse to conform and join the union or gang, you will be harassed and even threatened with violence. This is a big reason why liberals and unions support card check – so they know exactly who is not conforming to join the movement. My wife received a message after starting a new teaching job to attend a mandatory meeting, but the subject matter was not included in the message. Within a minute she knew the meeting’s purpose was to convince the new teachers to join their union. She left and said “never invite me to these meetings again”. My wife understood that this was the first step in the brainwashing and indoctrination process.
  • Both unions and gangs will resort to violence to get their way and they are both certainly susceptible to scandals and fraud. It is no secret that union and gang leaders advocate for themselves (more money and power) and not their members.
  • Both unions and gangs will build power through member numbers and money. They love to take other peoples hard earned dollars so they can spread the wealth (mostly into the leader’s pockets).
  • It is nearly impossible to get out of a union or gang once you become a member.
  • Both unions and gangs like to flash their logo and colors all over their perceived territory.

These are a few similarities. I am sure others can think of several more detrimental things that both unions and gangs have in common.

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