Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (2/23/12)

Obama Budget – He proposed huge budget increases in community college programs, the Arab Spring countries, and highway construction. The budget calls for $1.3 trillion in deficit spending next year, including $350 billion in spending on jobs programs and $476 billion in infrastructure projects. The budget plans to raise $1.5 trillion in added tax revenue over the next decade largely from higher taxes on wealthier Americans (along with other bad ideas such as eliminating tax exempt status for municipal bonds). The budget also calls for $360 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. In fact, most of what Obama proposes in his current budget are things that have failed to pass in the past – it is purely a political budget. To make matters worse, the White House relies on rosier economic forecasts than the CBO in the budget proposal. In 2012 and 2013, the White House uses growth numbers of 2.7 percent and 3 percent, whereas the CBO has projected 2.2 percent and 1 percent growth during those years.

Samuel L. Jackson – Unfortunately, Jackson is the same angry man he portrays in most of his movies as he is in real life. In a recent interview in Ebony Magazine, Jackson admits he voted for Obama solely because he is black and then accused Americans of being racist in a rant where he used the N word 4 times.

Iran – According to Reuters Iran has built up its naval forces in the Gulf and prepared boats that could be used in suicide attacks, but the U.S. Navy can prevent it by blocking the Strait of Hormuz, the commander of U.S. naval forces in the region said. In other news, Israel also claims that Iran is behind recent terrorist attacks in India, Indonesia, and Georgia.

Quote of the Week: “I do whatever Michelle and Joe Biden tell me to do” said Obama in a recent campaign stop.

Occupy Movement - Film director Stephen K. Bannon is bringing us an in-depth look at who the Occupy Movement really is and what their goals are in "Occupy Unmasked." The truth is, the Occupy movement is violent, anti-American, anti-law enforcement and willing to do whatever it takes to infringe on the free speech and property rights according to Bannon.

Gay Marriage – Gay marriage got a big boost this week when New Jersey legislation made it legal. However, Governor Chris Christie is expected to veto the bill.

Cost Savings Enhancement Act - "Under current law, agencies are required to spend all of the money they are allocated and have no incentive to identify areas in the budget where savings could be found," Senator Rand Paul said. "When this occurs, federal agencies with a surplus of funds must rush to spend the funds before the end of the fiscal year, often on unnecessary purchases." The Cost Savings Enhancement Act is supported by Citizens Against Government Waste and Americans for Prosperity. The Act creates an employee suggestion program under which federal workers would get as much as $10,000 if their suggestions for trimming are adopted. This bonus policy system for identifying cost savings measures is no different than how private sector businesses operate.

Genesis – Genesis is a solar company in California which may be the next Solyndra. Genesis received 825 million in federal funding and the company is struggling to meet deadlines and is getting pressure from outside influences, including environmentalists and Native Americans, to seize opperation because the solar farm is being built on federal lands.

Voter System – According to Politico the United States’ voter registration system is in chaos — about 24 million registrations are no longer valid and nearly 2 million dead people are still on voter rolls, according to a new report this past week.

Video Game Czar - Constance Steinkuehler, a professor from University of Wisconsin whose appointment as “Senior Policy Analyst at the White House Office of Science and Technology” constitutes, in the admiring words of USA Today, “one of the most unconventional White House hires in recent memory.” She’s supposed to use her presidential appointment to promote development of “big, save the world” video games.

Nuclear Weaponry – Obama wants to reduce the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal by 80%.

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