Thursday, February 2, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (2/2/12)

Roe v. Wade – Obama says in a statement that the court's decision (Roe v. Wade) also makes clear that the government "should not intrude on private family matters." Yes, this from the man who is mandating health insurance and wants to control family wealth.

Gabrielle Giffords – The Arizona Congresswomen resigned a little more than a year after she was shot. Giffords recovery has been a remarkable story.

Human Rights - The United States and other Western governments must accept the new reality that Islamists have emerged to fill the power vacuum in the Arab world after a wave of popular uprisings, Human Rights Watch said in its annual report this past week. Now, that is irony!

TSA - U.S. Sen. Rand Paul was detained briefly by security at the Nashville airport when a scanner found an "anomaly" on his knee.

Obama – Leaked memos from the 2008 campaign shows that Obama (Mr. Civility) approved the character attacks against Hillary Clinton.

Oil Production - “President Obama has pursued a comprehensive energy strategy that has increased our domestic energy production, reduced our dependence on foreign oil to below 50 percent for the first time in 13 years and supported more than 224,000 clean energy jobs,” Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement. But what the White House fails to acknowledge is that U.S. oil production is up because of the efforts of his predecessors, not him. It takes years to see the effects of pro oil polices in terms of production.

Privacy - The Supreme Court ruled this past week that police must obtain a warrant before attaching a GPS tracker to a suspect's vehicle, voting unanimously in one of the first major cases to test constitutional privacy rights in the digital age.

Right to Work – Indiana passed a right to work bill (anti-union), which was protested by Democratic legislators who refused to show up to work.

Salon – Joan Walsh of Salon had this say “We have a really interesting case study in the Republican Party in these two candidates because Mitt is the candidate of vulture capitalism that hollowed out the middle class and represented and enriched the top one percent. But Newt is the face of the politics of resentment and racism and angry white male rage that let guys like Mitt do that to the economy.”

Romney – He released his income tax records and in the past two years he paid 6.2 million in taxes on 42 million dollars of income. This is a low effective tax rate because his income is based mostly on capital gains. However, the Romney’s donated 7 million to charities during the past two years. This is more charitable contributions than the cheap Pelosi, Reid, Obama, and Biden will donate in their lifetimes combined (and they too are all millionaires). Romney’s 2010 tax return was 500 pages long! This fact is even more troubling than the numbers in the return and a better reason why tax reform is needed.

Obama Drug Use – A few editorials this past week made a valid point – If Newt Gingrich’s divorce and marital issues are a chief concern for his qualifications to be president of the United States then so should Obama’s past history of drug use (which incidentally is a felony) and his affiliation to a rogue church.

Federal Budget – It has been 1000 days since Congress officially passed a federal budget.

Chevy Volt - According to numerous auto trade reports, a number of U.S. car dealerships are turning away the Chevy Volt due to safety concerns.

SOTU – Obama’s message last week in the SOTU address was: Fairness. When will politicians realize any government interference or intrusion into corporate or individual lives is never fair? It always favors one group of people or one industry over another (diversity, cap and trade, entitlements, and so forth).

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