Monday, February 20, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (2/20/12)

Climate and Weather – From Good Morning America: Is global warming throwing our weather out of whack? Scientists tell us there's no easy, blanket answer. The bottom line is that the evidence can be strong or weak, depending on the type of weather. That, admit researchers, can be confusing to anyone looking for a clear answer.

Earmarks – The Washington Post has conducted a study revealing that 33 members of Congress earmarked more than $300 million for projects within two miles of land they own. As Elizabeth Warren says “Bringing home earmarks is part of the job”.

Shyness - Shyness could soon be classified as a mental illness, according to new studies. It seems everyone needs an excuse to be irresponsible and dependent on prescription drugs.  

FEMA - The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced last week that it is rolling out a plan to waive debts for many victims of Hurricane Katrina and other disasters who may have mistakenly received millions of dollars in aid.

Lawsuit of the Week - A Staten Island mom made national headlines this past week after suing the city of West Brighton for $900 trillion, alleging the city improperly placed her two children in foster care.

Planned Parenthood – Executive Angie Murie said she had no problem with gender based abortions. How’s that for sticking up for women’s rights?

Nuclear Power – Good news, the nation's first new nuclear power plant in a generation won approval this past week as federal regulators voted to grant a license for two new reactors in Georgia.

Education – Obama has granted waivers to 10 states for more lenient enforcement of “No Child Left Behind” legislation.

Housing Market – Congress passed a 25 billion dollar bailout to help prevent future foreclosures.

Move On - First lady Michelle Obama said this past week that poor nutrition in the military was a "national security issue."

ObamaCare / Contraception Mandate – Under increased scrutiny from religious groups, Obama announced that the contraception mandate rule would be tweaked, so in cases where non-profit religious organizations have objections, their insurance companies will be required to reach out to employees and offer the coverage directly.

Ray Nagin – The former New Orleans mayor is under investigation as to whether he received favors or items of value from vendors to the city in return for contracts they received while Nagin was in office.

Obama Budget Proposal - Obama expects the federal budget deficit to reach $1.33 trillion this year (higher than the CBO estimate), administration officials said this past week, the fourth straight year of trillion-dollar deficits. ABC news says “The White House is focusing on re-election themes such as jobs and public works projects in Obama's new budget blueprint while relying on familiar but never enacted tax increases on the wealthy and corporations to reduce future deficits after four years of trillion dollar-plus shortfalls.”

Greece - Tens of thousands of government dependent Greeks gathered this past week near the country’s Parliament as lawmakers voted on a tough austerity package sought by lenders.

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  1. Well I could just lose my lunch here, Patrick. And yet I keep coming back for more lowlights. Say, maybe my condition could be classified as a mental illness, eh?

  2. yikes! Yes, the lowlights are depressing. According to liberal definitions I think All Americans are mentally ill and should therefore have free healthcare under ObamaCare.