Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama’s Lowlights (1/23/12)

ObamaCare - Michael Bloomberg is set to unveil his latest attempt to improve public health - cutting down on New Yorkers' alcohol consumption. The city's mayor is planning to close liquor stores and restrict alcohol advertising, according to a leaked strategy document. Such a move would be the latest salvo in Mr Bloomberg's public health campaign, which has previously seen him take aim at smoking, trans fats and salty food. What’s worse, this program will be partly funded by ObamaCare.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz – Her latest video moment came this past week when she blamed the Tea Party for the Giffords shooting.

EPA - Power plants released 72 percent of the greenhouse gases reported to the Environmental Protection Agency for 2010, according to information released last week that was the first catalog of global warming pollution by facility. The data include more than 6,700 of the largest industrial sources of greenhouse gases, or about 80 percent of total U.S. emissions. What a waste of taxpayer money!

Economic Freedom - The Heritage Foundation, in cahoots with the WSJ, has tracked countries' progress in their Index of Economic Freedom and the U.S. is only ranked tenth.

Obama Campaign – Obama introduced his “Runway to Win” clothing line with the help of high end designers which includes t-shirts going for 50 dollars.

DOJ - “We conclude that while Congress can prevent the president from making any recess appointments by remaining continuously in session and available to receive and act on nominations, it cannot do so by conducting pro forma sessions during a recess,” the head of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, Virginia Seitz, wrote in a 23-page opinion.

Planned Parenthood - The taxpayer funded abortion factory Planned Parenthood is making millions in profits, specifically at the expense of minorities and teenagers, seems to think a woman seeing her baby before making the ultimate decision to end her pregnancy is an “abhorrent” standard.

Mercedes - The luxury car company is using the communist mass murderer Che Guevara as inspiration to launch the company into a "green" future to sell cars with fewer emissions.

Commander in Chief – Michael Hastings, from Rolling Stone Magazine, wrote that Obama complained about the amount of pictures and autographs he had to sign when on a visit to inspect our troops in Bagdad.

Rand Paul - The Kentucky Republican Senator and tea-party favorite said Thursday he’s returning $500,000 to the U.S. Treasury — money from his operating budget that his office never spent.

Elizabeth Warren – The Massachusetts Senate wannabe hauled in an eye-popping $5.7 million the last three months of 2011 — refused to swear off Wall Street money yesterday, instead claiming that any money she gets from deep-pocketed financiers is coming from those who “want reform.” Remember, Warren claimed to have started the Occupy movement.

Green Energy Investing - CBS News' Sharyl Attkisson, who is already in hot water with the Obamites for daring to report accurately about Fast & Furious, has filed a new report detailing eleven "new Solyndras."  These companies were given billions in taxpayer subsidies, despite serious financial problems, and have subsequently (and predictably) gone bust.

Employment - In the 30 months since the recession officially ended (GDP Growth), nearly 1 million people have dropped out of the labor force — they aren't working, and they aren't looking — according to data from Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the past two months, the labor force shrank by 170,000.

S&P – The ratings company will downgrade the credit ratings of France, Spain, Austria, and Portugal.

Consolidation – Obama is seeking permission from Congress to consolidate government agencies. This is a great idea, but the power to do so should not fall on only one person.

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