Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If You Believe, Then ….. (Part I)

  • If you believe in science and the theory of evolution, then why can’t you believe evolution is God’s plan?
  • If you believe in evolution and survival of the fittest, then why do you believe in welfare and helping the poor?
  • If you believe in evolution and survival of the fittest, then why do you believe in rewarding irresponsible behavior and penalize responsible behavior?
  • If you believe in evolution, then what makes you think we can alter climate change?
  • If you believe that painting the roofs of our homes white will cool the planet, then why do you think CO2 is causing hotter climates (roof painting does nothing to reduce CO2 concentrations in the air)?
  • If you believe ocean levels are rising due to climate change, then why rebuild New Orleans (a city that resides -10 feet below sea level) and why are coastal areas the fastest growing areas not only in the U.S., but around the globe?
  • If you believe CO2 is causing global warming, then why are most studies focused on Arctic regions where climate change effects should be minimal based on environmentalists’ claims? Remember, Artic CO2 concentrations are very low (earth’s gravitation pull is less), artic snow and ice reflect heat, and there is a lack of population and infrastructure to absorb heat.
  • If you believe in protecting endangered species, then you may consider allowing humans to eat them (most animals eaten by humans are plentiful – cattle, deer, chickens, turkeys, etc.).
  • If you do not believe hunting is necessary, then you probably never realized that a large portion of Americans count on hunting to feed their families.
  • If you believe in the fairness doctrine, then you cannot truly believe in free speech.
  • If you believe in the fairness doctrine, then why are you against applying the doctrine to other media outlets such as the internet, TV, and even our schools?
  • If you must protest something, then do it a lawful and respectful manner.
  • If you believe in separation of Church and State (which, incidentally is not in the Constitution), then why don’t you believe in separation of State with ANY organization or company – this too is a conflict of interest and welcomes lobbyists and quid pro quo crony politics?
  • If you believe in multiculturalism, then why don’t agree with assimilation - remember language in the biggest barrier for cultures to integrate?
  • If you believe in diversity policies, then why do you agree with entitlement policies, which promote the segregation of minorities and the poor in our inner cities (and the segregation of Native-Americans on reservations)?
  • If you believe in green energy and everyone should own a home, then you should not be angry when these economic bubbles burst and cause a recession.
  • If you believe in the economic stability of our nation, then you should never elect anyone to any government post that does not have business experience.
  • If you believe in diversity policies, then why do you believe in the evolution theory survival of the fittest?
  • If you believe in climate change, then you must have seen and understand the complex scientific and mathematical models used to predict future outcomes (a picture of a Polar Bear on a melting ice float is not science)?
  • If you are wealthy and believe the government should raise your taxes then why don’t you donate money to the government to pay off our debt (there is a government program for this) and or eliminate your tax write offs?
  • If you believe in unions, then you should not be angry when jobs go overseas and education standards are lowered.
  • If you believe in mining lithium and cobalt to make car batteries, then why are against drilling for oil (much smaller footprint)?
  • If you believe that corporate CEOs are greedy and evil, then why don’t believe Washington politicians are the same? Most Washington politicians exit the profession as multi-millionaires on modest salaries because they are exempt from insider trading laws and they sell political intelligence.

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