Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama Unveils Economic Blueprint: Fairness

"We can go in two directions," the president said. "One is toward less opportunity and less fairness. Or we can fight for where I think we need to go: building an economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few." Obama said he will concentrate on four areas designed to restore economic security for the long term: manufacturing, energy, education, job training and a "return to American values." Let’s evaluate this statement:

The Obama job training program primarily consists of extending unemployment benefits to 99 weeks. Is this fair?

The Obama energy plan has been to squander taxpayer money on failing “green” energy companies while avoiding increasing oil production at home. The result is record high gas prices (for winter season) and energy costs. Is this fair?

The Obama education plan is the “Race to the Top”, which has never been passed by Congress. In fact, to implement the policy the White House has been bribing cashed strapped states to begin their educational vision (Race to the Top) in order to receive federal funding. Is this fair? What is the motivation for children to go to school if everyone is going to be granted a “fair” share of income during their lives?

Obama’s vision of “American Values” is a nation dependent on government assistance. Under Obama, American poverty rates and reliance on welfare programs has risen to record per capita levels. Is this fair?

Obama’s vision of American manufacturing and education is to promote and increase union enrollment. And what is the goal of unions? To protect bad employees with both unrealistic benefits and pay. Is this fair?

Is it fair that “green” companies receive taxpayer money while other companies receive the wrath of regulations and rules implemented by the EPA?

Is it fair that some companies and organizations are receiving a waiver from ObamaCare while others are not? In fact, every liberal law or policy is never applied equally or fairly to all corporations, organizations, and or citizens. For instance, wind farms are not fined for killing endangered birds, but oil companies are.

Is it fair that “dead beats” receive extended unemployment benefits, ObamaCare and other welfare handouts that have to be paid for by hardworking Americans?

Is it fair that people who bought a house they could not afford are getting bailed out by hardworking Americans?

Is it fair that union employees receive better benefits and pay at the expense of other hardworking Americans?

Is it fair to reward irresponsibility and punish accountability?

Is it fair to portray a class of people and corporations as evil, especially since they already pay a majority of all tax revenues?

Since when has “American Values” or the “American Dream” been to receive something that was not earned? Is this a new constitutional right?

Face it; there is nothing “fair” about the Obama economic blueprint.

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